Water Heater Repair Palm Springs CA

When the water heater breaks down, you need to get professional help right away. We specialize in water heater repair Palm Springs CA, Cathedral City, Rancho Mirage, and Palm Desert. If it is not fixed, leaking water can damage your floors, walls, and foundation.

First Steps

You have to decide what is causing the leak. Furnace drains and plumbing can be at fault, so you have to eliminate these possibilities. Start by looking at the water heater to see if the plumbing fittings or the water heater is damaged. You can lay down paper towels in the area to see if they collect any water over a few hours. If the towels start to gather moisture, then the water heater is the most likely the cause of your problem.

Why Does a Water Heater Leak?

You might have a leaking drain valve, pressure relief valve or tank. A loose drain valve is the most common reason for a leak, fixed by tightening the valve. Each water heater has a drain valve on the bottom that helps the tank to remove sediment as it drains. If the valve has an issue, it may leak water or allow it to pool below the tank. Replacing the drain valve can help to stop the leak.

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Temperature and Pressure Relief Valves

If a loose drain valve is not the problem, the temperature and pressure relief valve may be at fault. This type of valve releases water if the pressure is too high in the tank or the water is too hot. The valve connects to a discharge tube that allows this water to escape. Check the tube to make sure that it is still connected and directed downwards. The tank could have too much pressure, or the valve will have to be replaced.

Hot Water Tank Leak

Many leaks stem from the hot water tank itself. A component could be broken or leaking. If sediment has built up in the tank, the tank may rust and develop a leaking hole. Both of these situations need professional help from a plumber to get the water heater fixed again.

Fixing the Leak

When you have a water heater leak, you may need to replace your water heater. At the very least, you may have to replace the faulty valve that is causing the leak. If you need to replace the temperature and pressure relief valve, you should start by turning off the water and power connection to your heater. Turn it back on and watch the water heater to see if it turned off immediately. With a faulty valve, you can begin by putting a bucket under the discharge tube and pointing the valve toward the bucket. You will have to drain the entire tank before you can replace the valve, so follow the instructions for your water heater to make sure that you do it safely.

Hire a Professional Plumber

Finding the source of the leak and fixing it can be challenging. If you are not talented at repairing water heaters, you will want to call a plumber. We offer water heater repair Palm Springs CA, Cathedral City, Rancho Mirage, and Palm Desert, finding the source of the leak or replacing the water heater. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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Your water heater is one of the most important appliances in your household. It’s the workhorse behind many of the essential functions under your roof — laundry, the dishes, and family hygiene. As such, you should have a professional plumber check it out once a year just to make sure it’s in working order. And if you hear it beginning to make unusual noises, notice cooler showers, or a find puddle by the heater, don’t attempt to repair it yourself. It’s much safer and smarter to contact All Star — your water heater repair experts.

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