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Wall Leak Repair In San Diego

A wall leak is a plumbing issue that occurs when water escapes and flows outside of plumbing within a wall. We will outline the causes of this type of leak, prevention measures, and when to hire an experienced plumber.

Providing 24 hour service for the San Diego County, All Star Plumbing & Restoration can help you detect, identify and repair a ceiling leak before further damage occurs. Don’t delay and give us a call! Leaks can potentially cause further issues within your home and cost you a lot of money.

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    What Causes These Types Of Leaks?

    Common causes of a leak in the wall stem from corroded, split or broken pipes or water main, high water pressure, settling of the house and from structural defects.

    How Do I Know If I Have A Leak In My Wall ?

    There are various signs that you’ll notice when there’s a leak including:

    • Peeling paint or wallpaper that blisters or bubbles.
    • You may notice watermarks or blisters on your wall’s surface.
    • Mildew or mold growing in the area of the leak.
    • A sour, musty smell that hangs in the air.
    • Unusually high water meter reading.
    • The ceiling, baseboard or floor of the room where the leak is located may appear warped, cracked or have water stains.
    • Loose tiles and/or dog-eared vinyl flooring next to the tub.
    • Ashy, flaking wood finish located near the shower.
    • Recurring standing water after taking a shower.

    Leaks Caused By High Water Pressure?

    High water pressure can put a strain on plumbing that is already old or defective. If high water pressure is the cause of a leak, it’s recommended that you have new plumbing installed by an expert to avoid costly plumbing issues in the future. Cracks in the plumbing can be prevented with the installation of a weep pipe which is designed to lessen the force of water flow. If cracks in the plumbing are visible, patch them with regular mortar and wait for it to thoroughly dry before running water in the repaired area.

    What Should I Do If I Suspect I Have A Leak ?

    The one thing you shouldn’t do when you suspect that you have a leak in the wall is to let a lot of time pass. Not only will your monthly water bill increase, but also further structural damage to your home can occur as well as health risks from constantly breathing in mildew and mold.

    If you have decided to start a water leak repair project, it will be a huge undertaking to do so on your own. Since most leaks of this nature are hardly ever detected early, a large portion of wet drywall and insulation will have to be removed to find the source of the leak to repair it.

    All Star Plumbing & Restoration

    At All Star Plumbing, we know how overwhelming and frustrating it can be to try and handle a wall leak alone. Whether the leak is located in the basement, bathroom or someone else, we have expert technicians available 24/7 who can resolve this type of plumbing issue by appointment or if it’s an emergency. We have state-of-the-art leak detection tools to find any type of water leak. Additionally, we have over two decades of experience in restoration for extensive water damage. We pride ourselves in sending a plumber to your home in 60 minutes and can provide a free estimate of the cost of your repairs in San Diego, California.

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