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The Importance of Early Slab Leak Detection in Home Protection

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Water is an essential part of our lives, as we cannot live without it. But finding water where you don’t like it is a symbol of extra costly repair for every homeowner. You think your piping system is exemplary, but suddenly you saw a rise in water bills. You tried to find the leakages under walls, roofs, and sinks from where it is leaking. But there is no clue.

Determining and repairing slab leaks in Los Angeles is a complex process that an experienced plumber can complete. That’s why it is better to make a call to slab leak repair services in Los Angeles to get the best solution for leak problems.

However, to prevent your home from suffering such a fate, you must detect slab leaks beforehand. Below, we will discuss the causes of slab leaks, their symptoms, and the benefits of early detection.

Why Do Slab Leaks Happen?

Apartments or homes are made to stand for longer years and are not movable. In reality, homes and piles of the earth are constantly increasing, moving, or expanding in different weather. As this happens, every pipe has to face many dramatic strains throughout the year.

Some Frequent Reasons For Water Pipe Leakage Under Concrete Slab

  • Natural enlargement and shrinking of land and building materials
  • Inappropriate fitting of water pipes
  • Earthquake activities
  • Damaging of pipes because of corrosion
  • Chemical reactions between metal piping and metallic particles of soil
  • Hydrostatic pressure because of unbalanced groundwater pipes
  • Local water causes damage to pipes from inside

Galvanized metal pipes are more at risk to this issue that causes under slab leaks. Because of this reason, homeowners change them with PVC pipes as a long life preventive step. But installing them is a costly process.

Top Signs That Show Under-Slab Leakage

Most times, destruction from under slab leakage may be detected extremely early and repaired in a significantly less amount. These are of different types and can stick to one place long and are behind foundation damage.

Happily, you should check your whole flat once a week as water leak spots are easily visible. Apart from that, let’s have a look at some common signs of slab leakage:

4 Warning Signs That You Have A Slab Leak

1. Hot Patches On The Floor

If there is leakage in hot-water pipes, your floor will feel warm. The water is leaking in or under the concrete slab; the floor is warming. This may allow the hot water to run for long hours.

2. The Noise Of Constant Running Water

When you catch water sounds near the kitchen, bathroom, or water heater, this is the existence of a slab leak. The sound of water refilling the pipes owing to damage under slabs.

3. Increment In Water Bills

If you notice any unusual changes in water bills, such as increased water bills without usage. Due to slab leaks, water is repeatedly running the whole day, and you will suddenly see a boost in water consumption and bills. An increase in bills depends upon the leakage, but a person can investigate more if any changes are found.

4. Humidity Or Fungus

When there is leakage beneath the home, it is ordinary for moisture to get trapped under the floors. As time passes, this leads to bacteria, mold, debris, and so on, which gives a detectable smell throughout your home. They are dangerous to the house and health, and they can easily make their home on the walls or pipes.

When there is fungus and mildew, they cause widespread damage, and it becomes essential to change floor mats, drywalls, and other damaged parts, but this will cost you heavily.

5. Corrosion In Water Pipes

Sand, sediments, and other substances are responsible for the wear and tear of pipes.

The primary sources behind this are the improper fitting of copper pipes, high level of salts, hard and soft water, low and high pH, and high speed of water about the pipe size. Electrochemical reasons, such as lightning strikes, cannot be left behind, and their contribution is similar to the above. These all things make pipe rusting, and slab leakage start in our homes.

6. Low Water Pressure

If there is a leak in a pipe, less water will be available for your home use. You must pay special attention to the water pressure while washing hands, utensils, or showers, and this is simply a sign of slab leakage in the home.

Importance Of Early Slab Leak Detection From Professionals

Infrastructure falling down in the USA is the talk of the town recently. One prime reason for it is water pipe leaks as they are leaking by the thousands every year. However, this situation is getting worse day by day. The reason is every home in the USA is built on concrete slabs, and they have copper piping installed in the soil or under the slab.

So, when there is leakage, there is no alarm that can tell the homeowners that a pipe is leaking. However, it is quite challenging to detect a leak when the whole pipe is covered by cement and various kinds of flooring. Moreover, if a pipe remains unattended for an extended period, it can harm the home’s cement foundation.

If your home has slab leakage and you are thinking of repairing it, you must know about its benefits to call the slab leak repair experts in Los Angeles as soon as possible.

1. Water Safety

If your home is getting a water supply, it is fine, but it is not enough. That means you should know whether the water you are getting is safe for your family members or not. If any of the water pipes under the slab or any place is leaking, it can contaminate the whole water, harming the health of the people.

2. Cost Of Water Bills

Everyone knows that the water you are getting in your home is not free. And with time, the price of water is touching the sky. So, ensure that the water you are getting will not get waste via slab leakage or other leakages. So, if you are noticing high bills from the last few days, hire slab leak detection professionals in Los Angeles. They will inspect your home or business, and big money can be saved in the long term.

3. Damage To The Property

Slab leaks in your home or business not only make your water waste, but a leak in the slab can also cause significant damage to the foundation of the home or building. That means leakage increases the moisture within the house’s structure, encouraging mold growth and many other types of infestations.

All of the above problems are very difficult and expensive to solve.

4. Cracks In The Slab And Walls

If there is leakage under the slab, the water can affect the consistency of the ground beneath the slab and the surrounding area. However, if the ground becomes too soft, it can also cause the slab to move due to slab leakage. But if you talk about the concrete slab, it will not move, and it will crack as the ground beneath is no longer leveled.

In addition to that, the same process goes with the home walls, which means the walls will not move, but due to excess moisture, the walls will crack. So, it is wise to call the residential water leak detection under slabs in Los Angeles to inspect the home and do the needful.

Take Away

Now, you learn about under-slab leakages, causes, and symptoms. When you see such signs, you rely on experts. If slab leak detection and repair is done by qualified, skilled professionals, they will use high-tech equipment. Thus, early slab leak detection will be highly accurate, and your worries will go in vain. The reason is they will first inspect the whole house and then locate the leak. After that, repair it with high-tech tools by which your home foundation will not get weak.

So, if you are looking for the best slab leak detection company, make All Star Plumbing & Restoration the top choice as the technicians are experienced enough to repair all types of slab leaks.