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6 Hot Water Heater Failure Signs You Must Not Ignore

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Water heaters are an investment for any home. There are many reasons for water heater damage, and too much use of water heaters is one of them! You might go through many instances where you feel it’s necessary to fix them by an expert plumber offering water heater repair services.

People often take the water heaters for granted until it stops supplying hot water! The water heaters don’t stop working without giving any signs. But what if you are unaware of those signs? What if you neglect those signs over the months and suddenly you are in need of the services of water heater repair experts.

In this blog, find out how to recognize signs of problems in water heaters. We have discussed six water heater failure signs!

Are you worried about water heater damage or water heater leak? The cost of an unexpected water heater breakdown can disbalance your budget. Living without a hot water supply in your home can be the bigger issue, especially in winters. If you are getting cold water from the water heater, you should immediately call a water heater repair company.

Should You Know About Water Heater Failure?

The water heater is considered one of the most integral parts of residential and commercial space. As per the statistics of the US department, there are 103 million residential water heaters, which have an average lifespan of 10 years.

People often complain about hot water heater clogged with sediment. Water heater failure happens due to many reasons, especially when not maintained correctly. Water heater damage can also lead to structural damage when you leave this in the worst condition.

Before getting into details about the failure signs of a water heater, like a hot water heater keeps tripping breaker, let’s try to understand what the water heater parts are? A traditional water heater always comes up with a water storage tank surrounded by protective linings. The water heaters can be repaired effectively depending on their type. There are two types of water heaters: electric-powered and gas-powered water heaters.

When it comes to the lifetime of a water heater, gas-powered water heaters mostly work in good condition for 10 to 15 years. Several factors contribute to water heater damage. The anode rods available inside the water heater are used over time. The heating elements inside the water heater sometimes break; in this case, replacing the whole water heater instead of repairing them will be better.

What Are The Most Common Water Heater Failure Signs?

1. Lack of Hot Water

It is the most common sign that your water heater is out of service. If you notice that your shower started giving you lukewarm water or it takes a longer time to generate hot water for your faucets, the problem is usually in the water heater.

Most water heaters can hold 30 to 50 gallons of water. When the water starts heating into the storage tank, the minerals separate and settle at the bottom.

But the problem arises when the mineral continues to build up and eventually create a barrier. In this case, the water takes a long time to heat. When you ignore this sign, the sediments start building up, damaging the whole water heater over time. In addition, ultimately, it also increases the water bills. To get rid of this situation, you can schedule the regular flushing of the water tank by professional water heater repair experts.

2. Hearing Weird Noises

Are you noticing any strange sounds from your water heater? The water heater making noise is the basic sign indicating something fishy inside the water heater. If your water heater makes popping /beep sounds when you turn it on or off, then it’s time to call the professionals of All Star Plumbing & Restoration.

The minerals buildup and harsh water quality in the water heater can be the reason for this sound. Sometimes the water heater makes rumbling sounds when the air reaches the sediment in the hot water only layer. So, next time you notice rumbling/popping and creaking sounds, you need expert help.

The experts in plumbing will reach your space and inspect the whole water heater system. The technician will reach every corner of the water tank and inspect the exact problem. If the problem is basic, they will repair it, or in certain conditions, they will suggest replacing it.

3. The taste and look of water:

If the color of the water looks a little murky and tastes like metal, it might come to your tap with lots of sediments. You can add a water filter to get rid of this case for a short time. But, to achieve longer results, hiring a water heater restoration expert will be better.

In certain scenarios, when these contaminants flow out through the fixture, it clogs the fixture or faucets. As a result, you will notice reduced water flow with many plumbing failures.

When lots of drain water heater sediment build-up at the bottom of the tank, it sometimes flushes out the contaminants with a flush hot water heater.

4. The Condition of The Pressure Valve

When checking the pressure relief valve of the water heater, you should pay attention to these two major things. Does the pressure relief valve leak, and does the water heater keep tripping the breaker? Is there any problem with flowing hot water? If the answer is yes, you need a valve replacement.

The continuous buildup of minerals, rust in the water heater, salt, and corrosion can cause the valve to freeze. The TPR valve should be opened to release the water pressure level when the temperature is high. If the TRP valve of your water heater is malfunctioning, the water inside the tank could exceed its boiling temperature, which causes property damage and personal damage.

Therefore, it is necessary to test the water heater TRP valve through a water heater expert. They will come to your space and replace the valve before it causes a malfunction in your water heater.

5. Leakage in the Water Heater Tank

Let’s understand why hot water heaters leak and how you can overcome them. If you see the standing water beneath your water tank, it leads to corrosion. If there is corrosion on top of the water heater or a crack in the fractures and TRP valve, it can lead to a serious leakage. If you see any clear signs of leakage, you need to take immediate action by replacing the water heater.

Leaky hot water can cause a flood to the entire space, and in minutes it can create a blunder. If you notice a water leakage, initially turn off the water supply and call a licensed water heater repair expert from All Star Plumbing & Restoration. They will make the best possible efforts to prevent the flooded basement, and if necessary, they will also replace the TRP valve.

6. The Age of The Water Heater

Last but not the least, if you have a water heater that exceeds its limit, it automatically starts showing issues. If you have a water heater unit over 10 years old, it’s time to get an inspection done to see if it is time to replace it.


Water heaters require regular maintenance. Trust only professional plumbers offering water heater repair services to get your water heater inspected. Identify if there are any signs of potential water leaks or other problems. On-time repairs and preventive care lead to better water heater performance for a long time.

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