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Slab Leak Repair Fountain Valley

Slab leaks are quite common, especially in the older areas of Fountain Valley, CA. A slab leak is an issue that occurs when a water line underneath a home’s concrete foundation breaks. This problem can cause a tremendous amount of damage to your property – it is critical to get to work quickly and to perform repairs. This type of leak is one that should only be fixed by a professional. Attempting any plumbing fix on your could cause more damage and cost more money in the future.

What Are The Most Common Reasons Behind A Slab Leak?

Many circumstances can cause a slab leak:

  • Improper Installation: When copper pipes are installed, it is essential that they are set correctly. If there are improper soldering or other construction mishaps, leaks may result.
  • Wear and Tear: As pipes shift and move beneath the ground, they are subject to a great deal of wear and tear, which can lead to holes that begin to leak.
  • Corrosion: As time progresses, a chemical reaction is sparked between metal and the ground’s soil. This leads to corrosion that can cause small holes to form in pipes. This problem is especially common with copper systems.

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    What Are Signs Of Slab Leaks?

    There are certain signs that signal a slab leak in your home:

    • Sounds of Running Water : It is common for you to hear water running in your pipes when your faucets are in use. However, if you notice the constant noise of water, you may have a leak.
    • Warm Spots : Leaks often cause warm spots on your floor.
    • Cracks :As pipes leak, concrete foundations often shift. As this occurs, it is common for cracks to develop on a home’s floor or walls.
    • Carpet Moisture :As pipes develop cracks water may penetrate through the concrete foundation, which can create moisture beneath your carpeting. If you suddenly notice wet rugs or carpet around your home, you may have a slab leak.
    • Heightened Water Bills : If your water bill seems more expensive than usual, and there is no reason for the added cost, a water leak may be to blame.

    What Does Slab Leak Repair Entail?

    There are many ways to approach slab leak repair Fountain Valley. Our skilled technicians use the latest technologies and equipment to detect the precise location of your problem. At that point, we can quickly get to work and stop the leak by following the least invasive course of action. If necessary, we are prepared to fix complex leaks with total pipe replacement.

    Reasons To Hire A Qualified Plumbing Company

    All Star Plumbing and Restoration provides all sorts of plumbing services to residents in and around Fountain Valley, CA. Our trained Fountain Valley plumber will solve your problem and will ensure our fix will avoid future issues down the road. Thanks to our team, you will receive a detailed diagnostic report so that you learn the exact root of your leak and we will discuss the best course of action to fix your slab leak. Call us now for a diagnosis!

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