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Water Leak Detection San Marcos

In the foothills of North County San Diego, you’ll find San Marcos, CA, a lovely community filled with plenty of dining, shopping and other fun things to do. Residents love to enjoy Southern California’s warm weather, but nothing can ruin a weekend relaxing by the pool like realizing you have a major water leak to deal with. If you suspect a leak within your home or on your property, contact All Star Plumbing & Restoration today and we will send our water leak detection specialist to locate and repair your those pesky leaks.

What Situations Can Lead To A Water Leak?

Water leaks are one of those problems that most homeowners never consider until it’s too late. Pipes are just like any other part of your home. They wear out over time. If you own an older home, it may have been built with outdated piping materials which are more likely to break. Newer homes are made with the latest pipes, but unexpected disasters can still occur. Aside from obvious weather or earthquake damage, pipes can corrode over time. A variety of factors can lead to this, including the PH levels of the water, how much oxygen is in the water, and the pressure in the pipes themselves.

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    Signs Of A Water Leak Include:

    • Hearing water constantly running through the pipes.
    • Noticing that your water heater is operating more than it should be.
    • An unexplained increase in your water or utility bills.
    • Water stains on the walls, floors or ceiling.
    • Unexplained puddles on the floor or outside the home.

    How Do Plumbing Experts Detect Water Leaks?

    Most emergency plumbers offer to check for water leaks, but not all use the latest non-invasive technologies. The last thing you need is for an inexperienced plumber to come in and tear out half of your kitchen wall, just to discover that they were mistaken about the leak’s location. Our company uses sensitive, non-invasive water leak detection methods to determine the exact nature and location of your leak. This allows us to come up with the best repair plan possible.

    Some San Marcos plumbers will also try to cut corners to get the job done without even fixing the real issue. For example, a quick fix on a damaged water line in the floor can leave you vulnerable to a second leak in the same line in the future. Our company will go above and beyond to make sure that the problem is entirely taken care of. You deserve to have your home treated with the utmost respect.

    What Should You Do If You Suspect You Have A Leak?

    If you see signs of a leak, don’t put off calling the experts until it’s too late. Leaks can cost homeowners hundreds of dollars a day in wasted resources and damage. For water leak detection in San Marcos, California, give All Star Plumbing & Restoration a call now. We are available 24/7 to assist you.

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    San Marcos Water Damage

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    San Marcos Leak Detection

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