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Tankless Water Heaters: Exploring the Pros and Cons

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Taking a hot shower in the winter season is a common phenomenon, but it gets worse when suddenly cold water starts coming. So, if you are tired of a sudden cold water shower because of your faulty water heater, then it is the right time to go for the tankless water heater. A tankless water heater saves money and energy as well. Most of the People in San Diego are considering the tankless water heater over conventional water heaters.

What is a tankless water heater?

Tankless water heaters are also known as on-demand, or instant water heaters, which have many benefits over traditional tank-style water heaters and are undoubtedly an excellent long-term investment. Tankless water heaters offer instant hot water when the cold water travels through the tankless unit, and it is heated using gas or electricity.

However, the best part of this water heater is it will offer you hot water until you turn off the tap. This type of water heater is getting very famous these days. If anyone has to decide between a traditional water heater and a modern tankless water heater, they will surely choose a newer tankless style water heater. Apart from that, they meet all your hot water needs in the budget.

As you all know, everything in this world has both pros and cons, like that this tankless water heater has its pros and cons. So, to understand tankless water heaters in a better way, let’s put some light on their pros and cons:-

Pros Of The Tankless Water Heater

1. Long-Term Energy And Cost Savings

One of the main advantages of a tankless water heater is it saves energy. As per the Department of Energy, tankless water heater systems are 24% to 34% energy-efficient. A tankless water heater consumes less power, which means you do not need to spend so much money. It provides hot water when needed and does not experience standby heat loss.

2. Long-Term Savings

It depends on the type of tankless water heater you install and the extent to which you will prepare your home wiring, water lines, or gas lines; it will save money according to it. However, the upfront cost of installing a tankless water heater can be high, but it will last longer than traditional water heaters, which means you can save a significant amount of money in the long run. Particularly All Star Plumbing and Restoration experts makes the tankless water heater installation process quite easy in San Diego.

3. Green Option

It is true that tankless water heaters use less energy and are highly efficient compared to traditional-style water heaters. The tankless water heater is environmentally friendly because it uses less energy. A traditional water heater heats the water continuously, whereas a tankless water heater only heats the needed water. It heats the water on demand which reduces energy consumption.

4. Instant Hot Water

The tankless water heater is also called an on-demand or instant water heater. The reason is it offers hot water whenever you need it. The tankless water heater can heat as much water as you need at one given time, but in traditional water heaters, you have to wait till the storage tank of water gets empty.

5. Takes Less Space

If you have a small house, the tankless water heater is one of the best heaters you can install at your home. The reason is, they are mounted to the wall and take up very little space as compared to a tank-style water heater.

6. Tankless Water Heaters Deliver More Extended Warranties

Tankless water heaters come with a long lifespan and have a more extended warranty period. That means, if anything goes wrong, you can easily replace or repair it.

Cons Of The Tankless Water Heater

1. Limited Hot Water For Multiple Outlets

On one side, a tankless water heater indeed heats as much water as you need in one go. But if you need hot water in multiple outlets like washing machines, showers, and washing dishes, then the water temperature fluctuates. That means a tankless water heater cannot work at various locations at one time.

2. High Upfront Cost

When you install any technology at home or office, you have to pay some initial cost—like that, installing a tankless water heater also takes some upfront cost. The reason is you need new venting and gas lines to install the tankless water heater. In short, its upfront cost is higher than traditional water heaters. In San Diego, installing tankless water heaters may increase your cost, but it helps you save money in the long run because it is energy-efficient.

3. Additional Equipment Is Often Necessary

When you install a tankless water heater, it is essential to install a water softener to ensure the water heater operates adequately; if you happen to live in a hard-water area. This additional equipment adds to the upfront cost. Apart from that, a water softener also negates space-saving benefits as it will take up space beside the wall-mounted heater. It may take more space as compared to a traditional water heater.

How does a tankless water heater work?

If you are planning to install a tankless water heater at your home, then the process of taking out water from it is easy. So, let’s dive deep into the working of tankless water heaters:-

  • The tankless water heater gets connected to the tap from which it will provide hot water. When you open a hot water tap, it recognizes the need for water and starts the whole heating process.
  • A flow sensor detects approaching water from the heater and sends the signal to the control panel to start giving water.
  • This control panel turns on the fan in the gas-fired unit, which draws in outside air and opens the gas valve that helps the gas let in that ignites the burner.
  • The heat exchanger captures heat from the gas flames and transfers it to the water via exchanger tubing.
  • After that, the mixing valve tempers the superheated water exiting the exchanger.
  • The temperature sensor can detect the exceeded water heat. The panel automatically adjusts the gas valve, the mixing valve, and the flow-regulating valve to manage the exceeded water heat.

How to choose the right tankless water heater?

While you are planning to buy a new tankless water heater, it is essential to determine the size of the heater. That means if the heater is too small, it can not meet the desired needs of the house, and a larger heater may consist of unnecessary costs. Apart from this, there are various other things which you need to take care of while purchasing a new tankless water heater. Let’s discuss those:-

Flow rate (GPM)

To determine your hot water needs, you have to list the total number of appliances you use during peak hours like the kitchen sink, shower, laundry load, etc. After listing down the total number of fixtures, check the manufacturer’s manual for the flow rate, or you can check the GPM stamp directly on the item.

Warranty Of The Water Heater

Most tankless water heaters typically run for at least 10 to 12 years. You need to maintain the water heater regularly to enjoy the extended warranty.

Water heaters that offer extended warranty are equipped with bigger burners, thicker insulation for less heat loss. That is why ensure you purchase a water heater with an extended warranty as it is worth a lot.

Anti-scale devices

Building up minerals may disrupt water heater functionality. This build-up indeed shortens the life of the heating element. So, don’t always invest in fancy features; instead, look for an extended warranty with top-notch components. Water heaters with anti-scale devices are a one-time investment, as you do not have to invest much in maintenance.

Point Of Use Water Heaters

Some people live in an area where your home needs extra hot water. Here the point of use (POU) heater can help. For example, if you own a hot tub that uses electric heat, you can install a POU heater nearby. Point of water heater use also reduces the loss of heat in the water distribution system. Considering POU while purchasing a tankless water system is a very beneficial step. .

New Tankless Water Heater Technology

With time and the advancement in science, tankless technology is also improving, offering people a better option than before. Some of the latest refinements are:-

  • Wi-Fi compatible: These days tankless water heaters are coming with digital connectivity, which helps you adjust the temperature and monitor gas and hot-water usage via your phone. These modern water heaters can also identify the source of the problem, so you can relay that information to the professional who has all the knowledge regarding any issue. To install a tankless water heater in San Diego, you can contact All All-Star Plumbing Services. Their experts are highly skilled, and their extensive experience ensures your water heater remains in good condition for years to come.
  • It Comes With Higher Efficiency: If you talk about condensing gas heaters, they extract up to 96% of fuel’s heat with a 17% improvement over the first-generation tankless unit. But the second heat exchanger in modern tankless water heaters captures much of the exhaust heat before it goes out of the vent. However, tankless heaters are more expensive than non-condensing heaters. But, tankless heaters are worth the investment as they are energy efficient and last longer compared to conventional water heaters.
  • Instant Hot Water: A tankless water heater takes around 15 seconds to bring up hot water according to the temperature you need. Still, you have to wait for hot water to arrive at your shower head or faucet. But these days, tankless water offers instant hot water in your shower or tap as they are in-built with a recirculation pump, which saves water and reduces waiting time.

The Final Words

A tankless water heater provides instant hot water besides saving energy and money. The maintenance cost of tankless water is significantly low and its lifespan is considerably longer than the conventional water heater. But before you go for a tankless water heater, look at the pros and cons of a water heater so that you can make a wise decision. For more information, you can contact an expert at All Star Plumbing and Restoration for water heater installation as well as maintenance at an affordable price.