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12 Plumbing Myths Debunked

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Managing building projects and sites, as well as a trading company, is not an easy task. One of the most difficult aspects of working in the plumbing industry is separating fact from fiction. New technology, in addition to sophisticated building tools, has greatly aided in dispelling plumbing myths. Whatever role you hold in the plumbing industry, it is critical that you understand the facts for the sake of your job and your clients.

What Causes Myths To Form And Why Do They Spread?

The most common explanation for myths to emerge and propagate is a lapse of rationality in trying to make sense of a situation. The similar fallacy, in particular, should be taken into account. In essence, two items that tend to be linked imply that one is the trigger of the other, although this is not always the case. “Last week, construction managers developed a new construction plan, and fewer employees showed up for work.” As a result of the new timetable, there were fewer jobs last week.”

Although the first sentence of two statements appear to be linked, this does not necessarily imply that the former triggered the latter. There may have been a few more things to think about before making a decision.

It was possible to believe these theories in history, when innovation was not sophisticated and plumbing services near you were not as well researched as it is today. People would trust them if there was no one to contradict them, and they would pass the message of how these really worked.

Myths About Plumbing

Untrained homeowners frequently attempt to resolve plumbing problems for which they are not qualified or prepared. However, this can do more damage in the end and cost too much money. There are also several theories about plumbing that are untrue and, in some situations, can get you into difficulty. Here are some you should disregard.

The Water Heater’s Existence Is About To Come To An End When It Rumbles

Noticing a water heater rumble is alarming, but it does not necessarily mean the end is close. Most of the time, it also needs to be cleaned of the excessive sediments that have accumulated in the tank.

Loose particles from hard water that have a strong mineral content get collected near the heat source at the bottom of the tank. When the hot water is turned on, the sediment prevents the water from boiling or heating. Steam bubbles rising from the sediment trigger the rumbling echo.

Encourage customers to have their tanks tested and washed first when they come in for a water heater repair. It could save them cash while also boosting your reputation.

The Only Way To Get Rid Of Clogs Is To Use Harsh Chemicals

While harsh chemicals are effective at unclogging a drain or toilet, there are many other, safer options. These chemicals, in reality, cause more harm than good. Substances can remove the clog easily, but they can still nibble away at the pipes. Since the corrosion induced by it can be difficult to maintain, it causes further problems. Apart from that, the chemicals could mix with the water, putting the health of all building occupants at risk.

Plungers and plumber’s/drain snakes are the best options, despite the fact that they can be messy.

Hot Grease Can Drain Into The Kitchen Sink Safely

When grease is inside the tubing, it cools easily. When this happens, it clings to the interior surfaces and remains there. Grease and cooking oil can build up in the pipe until it becomes fully clogged. Wait for the oil to toughen in the pan before wiping it away with a towel to prevent trouble. After that toss it in the garbage.

A Wire Hanger Can Be Used Instead Of A Plumbing Snake

The appeal of an unfolded wire hanger is undeniable. However, it is not a great idea. A plumbing snake is used to remove clogs in pipes. Inside the tubing, a wire hanger may cause damage and contribute to further buildup. If you use a hanger in an emergency, cover it in a cloth and protect it with a rubber band to avoid scraping the pipe; or better contact an emergency plumber in san diego for assistance.

Flushable Wipes Are Not Harmful To The Environment

Flushable wipes, considering their name, should not be flushed away. Baby wipes are one of them. They, along with paper towels and personal hygiene products are popular causes of drain blockages. And if anything appears to be flushable, check the instructions to see if there are any special instructions for disposal.

A Brick In The Toilet Tank Conserves Water

No, a brick in the tank can make the toilet function harder, potentially causing sections to break and requiring you to flush more frequently and use more water. The brick will eventually break apart if it is exposed to water for an extended period.

The Day Will Be Saved By A Plunger

A plunger will appear to be a fast fix, but it will not improve the performance of your bath sink drain. If you have ever used a fluid drain cleaner, plunging is indeed a terrible idea. Chemicals that have splattered can be poisonous and cause skin burns. Plunge just once or twice if you did not use a drain cleaner. If this does not work, call an emergency plumber in San Diego because the clog can be too wide for you to access.

Lemon Peels Can Help With Garbage Disposal

Lemon peels have a sweet smell, but they will not help the impellers (which are not blades that can be sharpened). In reality, the acid can cause corrosion, and the peel can overcrowd the system. The impellers can be cleaned by running the disposal with ice cubes or by pouring a mixture of water and vinegar into it.

You Can Flush It If It Suits

When it comes to flushing stuff down the toilet, often people make a mistake. People flush rotting food, diapers, hygiene products, and other items down their toilets in an alarming number of cases these days. It does not mean it can go in the toilet just because it suits and flushes. And goods that claim to be “flushable” are not always true. Human waste and toilet paper are the only items that can be flushed away, and nothing else.

South of the Earth’s Surface, Water Flows In The Opposite Way

It is not a harmful myth but it has spread widely. Since the direction of flow is determined by the configuration of the toilet or drain, not by its position, the idea is somewhat different from how hurricanes in the Southern Hemisphere rotate clockwise rather than counterclockwise.

All Plumbers Are Capable Of Resolving Any Plumbing Problem

To the untrained eye, all plumbers seem to be the same. Although all plumbers are qualified to hone their plumbing skills, as in any profession, there are areas of expertise. Some specialize in industrial plumbing, whereas others specialize in domestic plumbing.

To ensure that you have the quality care and that your customers are satisfied, experts make it clear what they specialize in. When you step into a role and have no idea what to do, it can be terrible for business. You should also advise your customers to carefully study the right candidates for the job.

Building Maintenance Is Capable Of Resolving Any Problem

My industrial buildings’ ability to operate smoothly is due to building maintenance. Although they could be a “jack of all trades” and can see a plumbing issue right away, they cannot repair it in most cases.

Instill in building management and repair staff the belief that plumbing issues, no matter how minor, should always be handled by professionals. Building maintenance workers, for the most part, have a basic knowledge of plumbing. However, it may not be sufficient to deal with problems that are more serious than clogs. Since they are not as qualified as experienced plumbers, they risk exacerbating the problem and making it worse.

Why Is It So Important To Bust These Myths?

Plumbing is a significant and dynamic trade in which no errors should be made. These urban legends jeopardize a plumber’s job and a system of building. If they follow any of these theories, they may conduct a task incorrectly, putting their job or anyone else’s safety at risk. They can also offer these to their customers as advice, potentially causing harm to their plumbing systems.

These myths must be dispelled for the sake of the plumbing artisans, their customers, and the reputation of the plumbing system.

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