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Money-Saving Tips for Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning Repair

Our air conditioners are the most blissful friend of comfort during those steaming and sweltering days of summer. But what if it suddenly breaks down out of nowhere? Is it not frustrating? On top of all the discomfort comes the high repair bills that blow one’s mind even more. So, if you are thinking of ways to save hundreds and thousands of bucks on air conditioning repair in San Diego, then this article is just for you. I hope it helps you in the future and cuts down your expenses on AC repair in San Diego significantly.

How To Cut Down The Expenses On AC Repair And Maintenance?

The air conditioner might malfunction due to a number of factors, though it’s not that old and refurbished. However, not every problem requires professional attention and thus can save you quite a lot if appropriately handled. Here in this article, we will discuss some common issues related to your air conditioner that you can handle yourself. Apart from this, we will also see some precautions that we can take to safeguard the air conditioning unit from any possible damage-causing elements.

Common AC Problems And Their Remedial Measures

AC repairs can cost you a lot. Therefore, you must act cautiously before taking any decision to call upon the professionals. Many problems do not require a complete servicing or repair of the entire AC unit. Hence you can decrease your expenditures significantly if you apply the correct procedure for fixing the problem at home. However, in any circumstances, yearly maintenance is an essential process for the healthy functioning of the air conditioner and should not be skipped.

1. A Problem In Turning On The AC

If you cannot turn on your air conditioner, there is no need to call a mechanic at that instant moment. It is best first to analyze the situation and see any possible areas to try out to get the machine working again. This can be:

  • Check the thermostat batteries. If found dead, replace them with new ones.
  • Check the settings option in the thermostat to see if the cooling mode is activated or not.
  • Have a quick check on the circuit breaker to determine if it is tripped. If found, reset the machine again.

These are a few options available to you if you face a situation where your air conditioner is not turning on. If you still can’t get the air conditioner working, now is the time to call for professional help to analyze the problem in detail and provide you with an appropriate solution.

2. Spewing Hot Air From Air Conditioner

Have you experienced hot air blowing out of your air conditioner instead of cool bliss air? It is a recurring problem experienced by many. If you are facing this same issue, then don’t be stressed out. It is a common issue that happens due to the accumulation of dirt on the air filters of your air conditioner. This dirt prevents the air from moving freely from your unit and causes the condenser to freeze up. Further, it results in pressure on the compressor. In this situation, there is only one remedy available to you: cleaning the air filter each month to keep it dirt-free, which will allow the AC unit to function correctly without creating any obstacles.

3. Water Leaking Outside

It is a common phenomenon that it’s easy to leak water outside. It can happen both during summers as well as in winters. Few essential factors for this include:

  • Faulty installation of the air conditioning unit
  • Accommodation of dirt on air filters
  • Blockage in the drain piping system

If dirt is accumulated on air filters, it is best to either clean it correctly or change it completely. This will solve the issue of water leakage on the outside of the AC unit. However, suppose you face this issue due to a faulty AC unit installation or a blockage in the drain piping system. In that case, it is best to call upon a professional to have a watch on the unit, thereby suggesting to you the appropriate method of getting the job done right.

4. Clogged Drain Pipeline

The accumulation of dirt, dust, and other elements created the perfect moisture level for mold and mildew to build up. Moreover, through this drainage pipeline, the AC unit eliminates fumes and foul odors that can get blocked due to the clog in the pipes. It can become a possible threat to the health of the people living in the building, therefore sending an alarming signal to take action immediately before it gets worse. The best way to solve the situation and prevent it from happening again is to clean and maintain the drainage line regularly.

Common Damaging Threats To Your Air Conditioner

There can be several reasons your air conditioner stopped working. However, not all of them cost thousands. Here we have brought forward some common factors that can obstruct the air conditioner from functioning optimally.

1. Accumulation Of Dirt On Condenser Coils

The task of condenser coils is to pull out the hot air from inside the building. If, in any case, dirt and debris get accumulated on these, it will block the heat exchange system, thereby creating more pressure on the unit to perform the same function. This will lead to malfunctioning of the device and can ultimately cause a complete system failure. If the condition reaches this stage, it will cost the owner thousands of bucks as it requires a costly air conditioning repair service in San Diego and the replacement of significant parts if required.

2. Formation Of An Ice Layer On Evaporator Coils

The task of the evaporator coil is to absorb the heat from its surroundings and requires constant warm airflow in its environment to function appropriately. However, if anything goes wrong and there is a lack of proper airflow, the evaporator coils start to freeze and quickly build up a layer of ice. This obstructs the coils from absorbing warm air and requires an immediate AC repair service in San Diego. It is something that cannot be handled at home and requires special attention from experts. There are hundreds of companies providing air conditioning service at a budget-friendly rate. If you face such a problem, immediately visit their website and book an appointment without wasting more time.

3. Leaking Duct

The function of the ductwork is to carry the cool air throughout the building onto each corner. If the ductwork experiences any leakage or gaps either at the time of installing the system or afterward due to any reason, the cool air will not be delivered to the destination places. Instead, these will be trapped inside your walls, thus creating more pressure for your air conditioner to work. This will ultimately lead to more wear and tear of the parts of the AC and sky-high electricity bills. This is a case where you need to immediately get a professional air conditioning service and repair the entire ductwork to prevent the utility bills from rising any further.

4. Clogging Of Drainage Lines

One of the functions of the air conditioner is to absorb moisture from inside the building and exert it outside through a drain line. However, if there is a clog in the drainage pipe, there will be no other place where the excess moisture can exit. This will lead to water retention, thereby damping the walls and other furnishings. However, this will not only damage the air conditioning unit but also damage your house property as well. If the issue remains unnoticed, mold and mildew will start forming in most areas, releasing foul smells.

5. Malfunctioning Of The Fans

Every air conditioner consists of two fans that act as a medium to blow the hot air from inside the building to flow over the evaporator coil and discharge it outside. If there is any damage or problem to these two fans, there will be a lack of airflow, thereby creating a failure of the compressor. This is an issue where you need to get an AC repair service in San Diego done by any professional. You cannot solve it all by yourself but require some technical assistance to get the job done right.

Precautions To Be Taken

If you are among those who want to take precautionary measures rather than spending loads of money on repair costs, then Do follow the given steps to protect your air conditioner from any damage.

1. Annual Maintenance

Annual maintenance and servicing is a must for every air conditioner owner as it protects the unit from any possible damage to a great extent. Even if your AC unit has any hidden damage, you can easily detect the fault early before it worsens with annual servicing.

2. Regular Cleaning

Dirt and debris often accumulate in your air conditioner unit and the AC compressor. This creates pressure on the compressor to generate more cold airflow into the building. Therefore, to help it run smoothly requires proper ventilation that allows the hot and cool air to flow without interruption. Regular cleaning will facilitate it to function effortlessly and without creating excess pressure on the outdoor unit.

3. Building A Protective Shade

Since the outdoor unit comes in direct contact with the outer atmosphere, it requires a shade to protect it from direct sunlight, rain, storm, snow. Many times widespread trees act as a protective shade from sunlight, excess heat, and rain. However, the leaves start to fall during springtime, getting stuck into the outdoor unit, thereby becoming an obstacle in performing its functionalities.

4. Avoid Plastic

In any case, avoid using plastic covers to protect the air conditioner. This is because plastic will not allow it to breathe and will trap the air to flow out and in. Due to lack of airflow, there can be a total system failure right away. Therefore, always use a cover made out of breathable material.


This article concentrates on the methods to help you save money on air conditioning repair in San Diego. Therefore, if you are on a tight budget, follow the precautions mentioned above to safeguard your air conditioner system from any possible damage that can cost you thousands. However, in any situation, it is best to call upon a professional who can provide complete AC repair service in San Diego to ensure maximum efficiency in the task.