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Scholarship For Graphic Web Design Students


All high school, graduate or college students holding citizenship of Canada, the UK, the USA, and Australia will be pleased to know that they can now support their further education with monetary aid through the Graphic Design Scholarship introduced by All Star Plumbing. This scholarship is designed for skilled students and talented professionals to grant them support so that they can successfully complete their graphics and web design studies.


The Graphic Design Scholarship from Temecula Plumber invites applications from undergraduate and post-graduate students who are already pursuing a major in any field of graphic designing including creative advertising, graphic design, visual communication, art design, and web design at an accredited college or university in any of the above-mentioned countries. Winners of the scholarship will be selected after the assessment of the project submitted by them. It is mandatory for the applicants that they must not be a school or college dropout.


  • There is no bound or restriction on the subject preference. Students can submit work in any field of graphics designing.
  • Eligible applicants can enroll in a graduate, undergraduate, or postgraduate degree offering program.
  • Winners of the scholarship will avail the opportunity to have a one-on-one meeting with the industry experts.
  • Consider this scholarship as an additional certification that students can mention in their resume while applying for jobs in the future.