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Scholarship For Graphic Web Design Students


All high school, graduate or college students holding citizenship of Canada, the UK, the USA, and Australia will be pleased to know that they can now support their further education with monetary aid through the Graphic Design Scholarship introduced by All Star Plumbing. This scholarship is designed for skilled students and talented professionals to grant them support so that they can successfully complete their graphics and web design studies.


The Graphic Design Scholarship from All Star Plumbing invites applications from undergraduate and post-graduate students who are already pursuing a major in any field of graphic designing including creative advertising, graphic design, visual communication, art design, and web design at an accredited college or university in any of the above-mentioned countries. Winners of the scholarship will be selected after the assessment of the project submitted by them. It is mandatory for the applicants that they must not be a school or college dropout.

  • There is no bound or restriction on the subject preference. Students can submit work in any field of graphics designing.
  • Eligible applicants can enroll in a graduate, undergraduate, or postgraduate degree offering program.
  • Winners of the scholarship will avail the opportunity to have a one-on-one meeting with the industry experts.
  • Consider this scholarship as an additional certification that students can mention in their resume while applying for jobs in the future.
Eligibility Criteria:
  • Enrolled or planning to enroll in graduate or postgraduate degree in graphic design, fine arts, visual arts, graphic communication or any other graphic design courses.
  • The graduate or postgraduate degree you are opting for should be from an accredited college/university/institution.
  • You must have achieved a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 scale.
  • You should be a citizen or permanent resident of UK, Australia, USA or Canada.
  • While applying, you should be at least 18 years of age.
  • You must have graduated from High School or Secondary School or equivalent.
  • You must have completed at least one term of college or university before applying.
  • You must be a regular student.
  • College/University dropouts are not eligible.
Selection Criteria:

The basic selection criteria for the graphic web designer would be the creative ability. You should be passionate about creativity.
Besides that, you need to send:

5 different variants of logo design and 3 different Homepage design PSD can submit in any field of graphics designing sites.

Our creative team would review the designs and will award the scholarship to the designers whose designs would be impressive and as per latest graphic designing standards.

Your logo & homepage design should be in the following file formats:

  • A.Vector (ai, PDF and EPS)
  • A CMYK version
  • A Pantone color version
  • A black, single Colour version
  • A White version
  • B.Raster Files (in RGB)
  • Jpeg, PNG
  • C.Logo Variants (optional)
  • Lock-up variants
  • Smaller size variants
Important Details Regarding Graphic Web Design Scholarship Program:
  • The amount awarded for the scholarship would be USD5000 per year until further notice.
  • The scholarship is available for students who are currently attending college or planning to do that in future.
  • You need to submit your applications before 15th May of every year. Late applications would not be entertained.
  • The winners would be informed through email before 31st May of every year.

Please note that our scholarship deadline ends on 15th May of every year. We will display the names of the winners on 31st May of every year on our company’s website.

Application Process:

You need to email your graphic design tasks as mentioned above in the section “Selection Criteria” at [email protected] before 15th May of every year. Along with those tasks, you also need to submit below-mentioned details:

  • First and Last Name
  • Email id
  • Contact Information
  • Current Resume
  • Your Story
  • Link to your graphic design portfolio (if any)
  • Two reference letters by your work colleagues, coaches, professors, or any professional connection stating your career, accomplishments volunteered, work ethics, values, and character. These reference letters should not come from family members or friends and can also be submitted separately.

Along with these documents, you also need to answer the below questions:

  • Why do you deserve this scholarship?
  • Where do you see yourself after completion of your training in graphic design?
  • How can you define your dream career?
Terms & Conditions:
  • All Star Plumbing & Restoration reserves the right to verify the information provided by the candidates (Name, Student ID number, college/institution, and course of study)
  • The scholarship would be awarded based on certain criteria which includes creativity, innovation, passion towards industry and your academic drive.
  • In case the work submitted is not original and is plagiarized, All Star Plumbing & Restoration has the right to reject that application straightaway.
  • A panel of creative experts would be choosing the winners of this scholarship program.
  • The scholarship would be awarded in the form of every year reward of USD5000
  • All Star Plumbing & Restoration has the right to publish the photo and award details on the website https://www.allstarplumbingservice.com
  • All Star Plumbing & Restoration holds the right to change the rules and regulations before awarding the scholarship except the reward amount agreed
  • All Star Plumbing & Restoration would not be sharing or selling the students’ data to any third party company or person.
  • The last date for submitting application is 15th May of every year and results would be sent to the winners by 31st May of every year.
  • Only UK, Australia, USA and Canada citizens or legal citizens are eligible to apply
Important Note:

For any query relating to this scholarship program, please do not call or message on the contact details given on our website, as we have a different team for scholarship program answering your queries. In case, that is done, it can have a negative impact on your application.