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Slab Leak Repair in Newport Beach

In Newport Beach, CA, many structures are built upon concrete slabs; beneath these concrete foundations, it is common for water pipes to exist. As these systems become worn or damaged, weak pipes may begin to spring leaks and cause tremendous damage to your home. To prevent the headaches of costly repairs, it is essential to hire a professional company that specializes in slab leak repair in Newport Beach and is capable of fixing any types of leaks issues quickly and without hassles. All Star Plumbing & Restoration is ready to face any plumbing problem you have, big or small!

What Causes Slab Leaks?

Slab leaks can be caused by:

  • Corrosion: Many water systems are crafted from copper piping. As time passes, this metal reacts with the surrounding soil, which causes corrosion. As a result, small holes form, and leaks occur.
  • Poor Water Quality: It is common for a water’s pH to be too low. This negatively affects copper pipes and dissolves their interior coating. As this wears away, there is no protection inside of the pipes, so leaks may begin.
  • Improper Installation: If pipes are not installed correctly, many problems may arise – the most common issues are leaks.

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    Top Slab Leak Repair Services

    Small leaks often go undetected until the problems become extensive. As the water leak grows, many symptoms indicate a slab leak:

    • Running Water Noises: You will hear water running through your home’s pipes when you are doing the dishes, flushing the toilet, or performing a similar task. However, if you hear water flowing when your faucets are not in use, you may have a leak.
    • Damp Floors: As water leaks from pipes in the ground, it seeps into your concrete foundation and may cause your carpets to become wet. If you notice a dampness beneath your feet, you may have a leak problem.
    • Expensive Water Bills: Normally, a home’s water bill is stable throughout the year. However, if it suddenly spikes for no reason, a leak may be to blame.
    • Home Cracks: As a leak begins, your slab foundation may shift in the ground. This may lead to cracks in your home’s walls and floors. When this occurs, it is essential to consult with experts for water leak detection.

    How Are Slab Leaks Repaired?

    When it comes to fixing slab leaks, there are many possible solutions. Detecting a problem is the first step. Our experts use the latest technologies and equipment to pinpoint your issue without causing major disruptions to your home. Then, we get to work quickly to fix the problem. We will recommend the most efficient solution so that future leaks do not occur. For example, we may run a new line above ground, perform an epoxy restoration, or replace an entire section of pipes.

    What Is The Best Way To Handle A Slab Leak?

    If you detect a slab leak, it is wise to seek assistance from a trained and experienced professional slab leak repair company in Newport Beach. In many cases, a small issue can be resolved before it becomes a major problem that causes extensive damage. Our plumbers in Newport Beach area for many years and are familiar with these types of issues. We perform the most effective and least invasive treatments to stop your leaks. We get the job done the first time correctly so that future problems are not a concern. Since emergencies can strike at any time, we are available 24/7 to address your issues. For all of your slab leak repair needs in Newport Beach, call All Star Plumbing & Restoration today.

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