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Often referred to as a city in the country, the almost 50,000 residents of lovely Poway, California, enjoy a relaxed lifestyle. Locals may spend their free time indulging in such simple pleasures as hiking up to Potato Chip Rock on the Mount Woodson Trail or boating and fishing on beautiful Lake Poway.

While a happy day spent outside in nature can be ruined when you return home to a nasty water leak, you won’t have to worry because All Star Plumbing & Restoration offers local water leak detection services in Poway.

Why Water Leaks Occur

Many homes and businesses in Poway are quite old and even historic in some cases, and the existing pipes are often just as old and made of inferior materials. The simple aging process allows for cracks to form and leaks to occur. New pipes can also spring leaks if they weren’t installed perfectly, or it may be from something as simple as a sudden change in the weather.

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    Identifying a Water Leak

    Water leaks are often not noticed until serious water damage has occurred, but you can spot them early if you follow these few tips. If your water bills get higher for no reason, then start by looking for the formation of water on the outside of your home where it has no business being. You may also turn off all faucets, and then listen for the sounds of running water. If you can still hear water, then there is likely a leak.



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    Actions to Take When You Suspect a Leak

    Many people who have attempted to find and repair a water leak on their own have only made issues worse. As soon as you suspect or notice a water leak, it’s important that you call us immediately to test your floors and walls and find the leak fast.

    How Our Water-Leak Detection System Works

    We pride ourselves on using only the latest, revolutionary leak-detection methods. The technology behind our system is sensitive, so that we can pinpoint the exact location of any leak. Our goal is to minimize any damage to your property by finding leaks fast and providing lasting repairs.

    Why You Should Call Our Company

    When you have a water leak, calling a Poway plumber who can’t accurately locate a leak could result in the floors and walls of your home being torn apart. While our company is ready to deal with any plumbing issue, we specialize in locating and repairing leaks using non-invasive detection technology so that you can be assured of a fast, effective resolution of the problem.

    Service Available at Any Time

    Regardless of the day or hour that you may require assistance with a leak, you can always count on our highly trained technicians to be available. Give All Star Plumbing & Restoration a call, and we’ll be there fast to take care of you!

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    60-minute response time!

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    Poway Water Damage

    Poway Water Damage

    Certified water damage specialists, with over 20 years of experience in restoration.

    Poway Leak Detection

    Poway Leak Detection

    We have sophisticated leak detection tools to find any water leak, large or small.

    Poway Slab Leak Repair

    Poway Slab Leak Repair

    We can identify slab leaks beneath your foundation and repair them quickly.
    Poway Water Heaters

    Poway Water Heaters

    Weather you need a brand new water heater, or just a repair, we can get your hot water back.

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