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Water Heater Repair or Replace: How to Make the Right Choice?

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Has your water heater been in the house for a decade or so? Or, do you think your water heater is losing its energy efficiency? Then, a high chance is you need to consider a water heater repair or replacement services if the problem persists. Evaluating the possibility of repairing can be a better choice compared to installing a new water heater, where you have to bear a high amount of costs.

But, sometimes, depending on the severity of the problem, there is no way left despite replacing the water heater. Hence, it’s important to assess the situation before making a decision to proceed with water heater repair or replacement services. But no worries! We are ready to reduce the complexity of making the right decision by accumulating expert-approved tips that can help you both with time and money!

Points To Consider Before Choosing Water Heater Repair or Replacement

Age Of Water Heater

Generally, a gas water heater can last around 10 years, whereas a tankless water heater can function for 15 years. When you decide to replace or repair your water heater, you need to consider the age of the machine. If the water heater reaches the upper end of its lifespan, problems will continue if you keep using it. In this condition, multiple repairs will only squeeze your pocket in installments. Hence, despite wasting money and time on the water heater’s expensive repairs, it will be economical to buy a new one.

In contrast, if the machine is 5 years old, you can repair the water heater despite replacing it. In some cases, these moderately new models are under warranty; if it happens, you don’t need to bear a single penny or very few amounts of money, depending on your issue. But remember, your machine requires maintenance inspections at specific intervals of time from an experienced and certified professional.

A professional who is experienced enough in water heater services in Riverside can guide you by providing necessary instructions to uphold your water heater’s warranty benefits. If you maintain the water heater properly with at least one inspection in a year, it will be effective. However, always keep you informed regarding company policies or paperwork for your machine.

Increased Bills Of Water Heating

Are you facing the problem that you have turned the shower dial multiple times but have got water with the same temperature? This is most probably the sign of less energy efficiency of the machine. So, if you ignore the sign and continue to use the water heater, the energy bills will go higher.

You have to bear around 14% of the total energy bills to run the water heater. Hence, if you can manage the cost within this level, then it does not trigger the sign of inefficiency. But, if the percentage rises further, it is better to replace the water heater.

Frequency And Costs Of Repair

If the water heater is not working, perform an effective cost-benefit analysis so that you can easily decide whether water heater repair or replacement will be a smart choice. In this analysis, you can follow the “50% rule”. According to this rule, if the repair cost is 50% of the total replacement cost, then a water heater replacement is your ideal choice.

Conversely, if the current repairing services add less than 50% of the costs of buying a new heater, then you can go for repairing. But, here, you need to consider the repair frequency and the age of the water heater also. Sometimes, the problems can be solved in an inexpensive way, such as broken heating elements of heating, thermostats, and valves of pressure relief.

You can easily get rid of these problems with the assistance of a professional water heater service in Riverside.

But, if you see problems like leaks, fractures, or rust, you have to replace the unit. Call a professional who can guide you by providing estimated costs of replacement versus repair. It can help you if you are still not sure about addressing the problems.

Staying At Your Home

If you are planning to move away from Riverside within a couple of years, then calling water heater repair experts in Riverside will be the perfect option for you. Replacing the heater will not work as you need to reinstall the unit in your new home. But, if you plan to live in Riverside for a long-time, you need to weigh the expenses of long-term solutions, i.e., opting for water heater replacement services in Riverside versus short-term repairs.

In case you find any major problem, such as continuous leakage from the water heater, then you need to replace the unit immediately whether you want to stay at home for a long time or not. Because this issue can cause huge damage to your belongings and home, and eventually, it will decrease the resale value of your property.

Major Problems You Can Face When Deciding On Water Heater Repair or Replacement

Rusts Inside The Unit

Rusting problem in a water heater is a clear indicator of corrosion, and it warns you regarding the prominent possibility of leakage. If you find rust outside the unit beside the water inlet, it indicates that the problem of rusting has started on the tank inside. Unfortunately, in this case, you can’t solve the problem on a long-term basis by repairing the unit. So, to minimize the risk of water damage, the best option is water heater replacement.

If you find rusty water is coming from the unit, it indicates that a major problem has occurred in the pipes. If water from the water heater becomes rusty even after the third bucket, it defines that the water heater contains rust. Whether the rust in the unit dwindles at the time of running hot water, most probably the pipes have become rusty. As rusting works as a precursor of leakage, then you need to replace the water heater to avoid bigger disasters in the future.

Water Leakage From The Water Heater

When you observe that water is coming out of the tank or visible around the pipe connecting the tank, you should address the issue as soon as possible. You cannot solve such leakage issues easily on your own. Eventually, this issue will damage carpet, furniture, walls, as well as other belongings. You can find invasive molds in your walls if you don’t solve the problem with the help of professional water heater services in Riverside.

There can be multiple reasons behind the leakage of the water heater; one of these reasons is due to the worsening condition of the tank. After multiple heating cycles in the tank, the metal expands whenever water is heating and creates wide fractures. Over time, these fractures can bring big disasters while the pressure increases very high and it cannot be handled.

Another reason includes loose connections in the water tank that drive leakage in the tank. You can handle the issue for a short time by tightening the leakage site. But for a long-term solution, you have to call a professional. The overflow in pipe or leaking pressure can indicate a major problem with the water heater, or the relief valve is malfunctioning. If professionals can repair minor leaks, you can avoid water heater replacement services in Riverside.

Loud Noise From The Water Heater

Generally, a water heater makes a little amount of noise or works without any noise. If you experience that loud or strange noises are coming from the tank, then it indicates that you need to take immediate action. A water heater creates rumbling, knocking, or clanging noises when sediments accumulate in the heater. As a consequence, the heater cannot run efficiently.

As you use hot water as per your necessities and the machine reheats water, eventually, sediments from water are going to accumulate at the lower parts of the heater. If you use a huge amount of water or you stay in an area where you have to use hard water, the accumulation of sediments takes place rapidly. If the amount of sediments becomes quite high, the heater cannot heat the water properly. As a result, you can face serious issues such as strains on your unit, leakage, and wearing down the metal encasements.

To avoid these consequences, you need to call an expert for water heater services in Riverside, including flushing in the tank. This service can expel the sediments and help the heater last long. But if the problem of strange sound still persists after the recent flush, then probably repairing won’t work further and you need to replace it. The activity of flushing cannot improve the survival chances of the machine.

Conditions For Water Heater Replacement Despite Not Having Operational Issues

Tank Size

If the number of members has increased in your family and the amount of water is insufficient, you need to replace your small heater with a bigger one.

Heating Element

The coils are used as heating elements in the tank. If the connections become poor, then you cannot heat water properly. In this condition, you have to replace the elements.

To avoid the chances of complete replacement before reaching the threshold of its lifespan, you need proper maintenance of your water heater. Maintenance does play a vital role in getting flawless services from the water heater for many years. We, the professionals of All Star Plumbing Service, deliver premium maintenance services that have been designed in a customer-friendly way. You can definitely avail the services at any frequency.

Apart from maintenance services, we provide some specific services, they include-

  • Options of regular maintenance
  • Guaranteed post-service maintenance irrespective of the age of your water heater
  • Eco-friendly management of waste materials
  • Availability of all fittings, fixtures, and parts
  • 24/7 plumbing support in emergency cases
  • 24/7 support for maintenance

Whether you need services for water heater repair or replacement in Riverside, feel free to contact us. You are going to enjoy flexible plans as well as options in payment facilities.