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Recognizing 8 Telltale Signs for Emergency Plumbing Service in Your House

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Most people ignore a home’s plumbing issues as long as everything works well. That’s why the plumbing industry these days gets a call of emergency plumbing problems, because of which they have to run to keep the homeowners away from various severe issues. But if you catch up with a professional plumbing service when the problem begins, it will not only save your money but also prevent expensive repairs and replacements.

However, it is true that in some of the plumbing cases, the repairs take 5-minutes, but some take hours as the issue is very big and needs a professional plumber in Laguna Hills. Moreover, many people try to fix the issue themselves with the help of some DIY videos, but in the end, their hands are empty. In the end, calling a professional emergency plumbing service is the last option that they have to opt to get rid of the plumbing problem.

Why DIY Plumbing Repair Isn’t Feasible?

There are many things in our life that we can solve easily. But if you talk about the plumbing system, it isn’t one of them. The reason is this work demands experience as well as qualification. Apart from that, you don’t know about recent coding standards which can quickly diagnose the issues.

Moreover, there is more difficulty down the road, which indicates safety. For example, while doing plumbing work, you have to work on a myriad of tools that you don’t know how to deal with. So, in the end, it is wisest to call professional plumbing services in Laguna Hills right away. If you follow this route, you can rest aside, and all your work will be done within a few hours.

So, to get this answer, let’s deep dive into eight telltale signs which shows your house is demanding emergency plumbing service. Let’s get started:

When To Call Emergency Plumbing Services?

1. Frozen Pipes

This problem of frozen pipes is especially very common in nations where winters remain there for a long time. So, when the winter season arrives, most people in Laguna Hills face the issue of a frozen pipe. Homeowners who don’t winterize their homes suffer from this problem, as the ice expands more than wate. Thus, it puts pressure on pipes and makes them burst.

If your home faucet is not running with water in the winter season, then it is crucial to call plumbing repair services in Laguna Hills as soon as possible to solve the problem. They have tailor-made solutions that will combat the problem of frozen pipes. Hence, you will not face any further issues related to this.

2. Water Back-up Problems

Most people spent very little money on their floor furnishing. But it is very obvious that you have spent lots of money on carpets, rugs, and expensive hardwoods. Of course, to select those carpets, rugs, etc., you have invested your time, effort, and money to get the best.

This is why when you notice the water is back-flowing from your kitchen sink onto the bathroom tiles, your hearts sink a little. Well, the actual truth is that when water enters the sink and goes into the drain, it will definitely enter into the plumbing system because of which it smells weird.

This problem is very tricky to deal with, but it has a relatively simple root cause. Hence, due to any reason when the water pressure of your home drops, the water will come back. So, to tackle this problem, you need to contact professional plumbing services in Laguna Hills as they will first close the main water valve and solve this problem.

3. Discoloration In The Water

When the water coming from your taps looks yellow, brown, or flecked with a lot of sediments, it is closely related to the condition of your home pipes or water heater. If there is corrosion in the water heater tank, the water will show these different shades. So, to solve this issue, you can flush and then fill the water tank.

Apart from that, the houses built long back have old pipes installed in their homes. When the life of these pipes expires, these pipes start corroding, due to which water you will receive is discolored.

4. Funky Smell

It is easy to dismiss lingering smells from your home. But if you talk about the nasty smell from the bathrooms, sinks, or kitchen, it is relatively harmless. However, to get rid of this smell, you must spray hydrogen sulphide or sewer gas in your pipes if damaged or structurally compromised. But the essential thing is that if you leave it unchecked, this sewer gas can offer a negative impact on your health and well-being.

So, the best solution to get rid of this funky smell is to hire an experienced plumber in Laguna Hills. The reason is that they will first determine whether the funky smell is related to sewer gas or if there is any other cause of this smell.

5. Water Is Gurgling Up

If you are noticing that your toilet starts gurgling up when you start to take a shower, it is a matter of concern that you need to address as soon as possible. That means you very well know something is not right in the plumbing system, but you are not able to pinpoint the main issue.

So, the solution to this problem is none other than to call a professional. They will first inspect the entire home and then solve the problem within a few hours. But don’t try DIY; otherwise, the issue will get worse.

6. Knocking Sound In The Walls

If you hear knocking sounds from your home walls, then there are chances that the pipes have become loose from their fastenings. Apart from that, they are experiencing irregular changes in water pressure. So, if you want your walls to remain in good condition, this problem must be repaired as soon as possible by a professional so that the issue will not cause any severe damage to the walls.

7. Pipes Get Aged

In the early days, the plumbing team only used galvanized steel pipes to offer water to the whole house. But these pipes are highly ineffective as compared to modern options. So, ensure you must change your old pipes with new ones so that you will not face any issues related to water damage in the near future.

8. Leaking Fixtures

Leakage fixtures in your house are one of the telltale signs that indicate malfunctioning or compromised pipes. However, it isn’t easy to find the primary cause of the problem. That’s why it is recommended to call professional plumbing services in Laguna Hills as soon as possible to find the real leakage.

The Bottom Line

It is true that having an emergency plumbing service is quite overwhelming, especially when you don’t know how to fix the HVAC system problem yourself. So, if you face any plumbing problem, All Star Plumbing and Restoration is here to help you. The reason is that we offer a comprehensive list of plumbing services by keeping customer expectations in mind.