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9 Essential Tips For Water Heater Maintenance

water heater maintenance tips

Water heaters usually work flawlessly for years without any issues. All you would need to do is get regular maintenance done by professionals and follow all their expert advice. Conventional gas water heaters have a lifespan of 8-12 years, while tankless water heaters have almost double the lifespan.

There are many ways to enhance the lifespan performance of water heaters. The advantages of looking after your water heater are obvious. Here are some essential facts to know about water heaters. Knowledge of these facts will help you to maintain your water heater in an efficient manner.

1. Understand The Sort Of Water Heater You Have

Be aware of the important facts about the water heater you have, such as gallon capacity, warranty information, energy-efficiency rating, replacement information, etc.

Compare the warranty and guarantee information with the lifespan of the product. Before getting an installation done, consult an established company offering services for water heater installation in San Diego. Ensure that you get all the facts right about the kind of services needed and in the intervals in which those should be managed, for example, tune-ups, parts replacement or upgrade, etc.

2. Location of The Hot Water Heater

Do not place anything within a two-foot distance around the water heater. This will not only offer enough room when you need to service the hot water heater but will decrease the risk that anything will collide with it. Avoid keeping the water heater at a place that is hard to reach.

3. Examine The Pressure Relief Control Device

Water heaters may blow up in case an excessive amount of pressure accumulates. Luckily, water heaters feature a safety control device that produces pressure when a lot of pressure builds. The pressure relief valves, also known as T&P valves, should always be in good working order to ensure the water heater is safe in the event of extreme pressure buildup.

It is essential that you know where your hot water heater pressure relief valve is located and check for leaks or any other issues.

7 Crucial Tips for Water Heater Maintenance

4. Reduce The Temperature

There are lots of explanations why you should think about decreasing the water heater temperature:

  • The threat of scalding reduces
  • Power costs are cut down
  • More heat causes water heaters to wear out quicker

It could be difficult to find out what temperature you need to set your water heater at. If the heat is too low, particular pathogens will endure such legionella. When set at 122 degrees, most legionella expires in 8 to 124 minutes. To lessen the water heater temperature for a gas hot water heater, reduce the contact. Reducing the temperature of the water heater is more difficult. Start by removing capacity from the hot water heater.

5. Take Off The Access Panel

Occasionally, there is both an upper and lower temperature control system. If this is actually the case, be sure to modify the temperature to the same setting for both. The temperature might need to be modified using a flathead screwdriver. After the temperature has been adjusted, the thermostat cover must be changed.

6. Flush Your Hot Water Heater

Flushing your water heater annually could be an easy solution to decrease the sediment that gathers within your water heater container. In homes with hard water, there is a higher chance of finding a higher level of sediment accumulation in the water heater, particularly calcium particles.

To remove your water heater control supply or signal breaker, in case of a power-heating unit, connect a hose to the drainage faucet to remove water from the drain. You could leave the water supply to the heater on. This can help blend or split up the yeast sediment in the tank.

Just before opening the draining faucet, start a nearby tap, helping the flow of the water. Once that is done, it is possible to open the drainage faucet and start flushing the container. Take extreme caution when opening the drain.

Drain the container for approximately five minutes or until yeast sediment stops appearing out of the draining hose. When done, turn your drainage control device off, and turn your heating unit back on.

Uncertain if you really can manage to handle flushing the water heater yourself? Call experienced plumbers in emergency water heater repair in San Diego to help you with this job.

7. Check for Unusual Sounds

Do not be worried about any gurgling noises from the heater. That sound is merely air getting into the machine as water drains out.

Similarly, hissing and crackling sounds are also among the typical sounds that come from hot water heaters. Sometimes, such sounds also indicate a sediment accumulation issue.

Drain the tank completely, remove the lower heating element and take the right measure to remove any residue. It is crucial to take all the needed precautions before you undertake such an activity.

8. Get Maintenance Done

Do not forget to get required maintenance checks done by a specialist in water heater repair in San Diego. Maintenance is essential to keep the water heating running in a safe, secure, and efficient manner. Proper maintenance and tune-ups help enhance the performance of the water heater across its lifespan, reduce several potential problems from occurring, and help you get hot water without issues.

9. Heat Reduction

Adding insulation decreases heat reduction by around 45 % and may cut around 9 percent off water-heating costs. Flushing sediment from the container improves effectiveness and durability. In addition, ensuring a viable rod weight in the tank can help prevent the inside from rusting away. A used-up rod is generally far less expensive to displace when compared to a new heating unit.

Why Professional Water heater Maintenance Is Essential

There are diverse issues that can creep up within your hot water heater over time. It is only through professional inspections and maintenance that it is possible to detect and prevent any potential disaster from happening.

For example, a professional inspection will include checking for rust buildup, which could increase to such an extent that you might be getting contaminated water. You might have to replace a tank of water heater with a high level of rust buildup.

Proper water heater maintenance helps restore the efficiency and energy effectiveness of the system and helps you avoid leaks and repairs.

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