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What Techniques Do Plumbers Use to Detect Water Leaks?

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A water leak is considered one of the biggest plumbing issues that most homeowners experience many times in their life. Some leaks are easy to notice, while others can’t be detected much easily. The leaks hidden for too long can cause bigger damage to the property.

If you notice an instant hike in your water bills, it usually signifies water damage. Even a pinhole size leak can turn the whole scenario destructive. To keep yourself and your property safe from this destruction, what you can do is hire a water leak detection expert from All Star Plumbing & Restoration!

Every homeowner should be prepared for these types of conditions in their space. Every home has pipes and other appliances that need to be kept in good condition. If you ignore the water leak problems, they pose a threat later on.

Water leaks can cause indoor flooding and damage furnishing. The plumbing leaks are common, whether a newly built house or the old one. So, it is necessary to catch the leak source as soon as possible with the help of water leak repair services.

As a homeowner, you should know about these before hiring the leak experts. The below section will share the signs of water leakage and how the plumbers can detect it.

What are the signs of water leakage?

Increasing water bills:

If you feel that your water bill is increasing at high speed, even if you are not using that much water, it means something is wrong. It means you have water leakage somewhere in your home. Even a pinhole size leak can waste thousands of gallons of water. Stopping these leaks as fast as you detect them is the best thing.

Reduced water pressure:

Have you ever felt that the water pressure is low? The reason behind this problem is the leaky pipe, sediments inside the pipe, and the faulty valves. When you have a leak, it leads to less water pressure.

The build-up of mold and mildew:

Do you know that water leaks can build the mold and mildew? Mold can cause respiratory health issues and bring asthma and allergies.

Water leaks can lead to the infestation of toxic black mold, which is dangerous. Mold occurs when water leaks from the uninstalled pipe, washing machine hose, etc., and dampens the surroundings.

Mold can cause extensive damage, and a water damage expert is required to fix it up. These experts come to your space wearing protective suits to remove the mold. Mold can leave the damages that should be repaired as soon as possible. The most common sign of mold build-up is having a musty odor around your home.

Water stains on ceilings:

Do you find water stains on the ceiling or walls? This is another water leak sign that signifies a roof leak. But if you have found stains on the floor or discoloration on walls, it shows there is water leakage in the washroom. As soon as you find the stains in your home, you need to address the leaks by hiring water leak repair services.


If the wallpaper from the wall starts blistering or peeling, be assured that there may be a water leak inside the wall. As a homeowner, you should give immediate attention to prevent damage. The saggy ceilings and damaged floorings also signify a water leak.

Strange Noise:

There are several reasons you feel a rattling sound from the plumbing system. Have you ever felt the running water sound even if all the taps in your space are closed? Don’t worry; there is nothing to worry about because it’s a sign of a damaged water leak, and it can be resolved by the cable pipe and leak detection experts.

Rust in pipes:

If you have older homes, there is a chance of building up the rusted pipe. There are two types of pipes installed in a home’s plumbing system. If you have installed the galvanized steel pipes, it develops rust and corrosion that drive the leaks. The best way to recover the situation is to replace the corroded and rusted pipes.

What to do when you suspect any of these signs?

If you suspect a leakage, hiring a professional plumbing service provider company is the first step you should take.

All Star Plumbing & Restoration is the leading company where you can get plumbing solutions of all kinds, including flood restoration services, water leak detection services, and water leak repair services.

The plumbers of this company are highly experienced and qualified. They come to your doorstep equipped with all the necessary tools. They have the right tools which help them to accurately track the leak source and repair it perfectly by experts on how to find a water leak in my house.

Nowadays, plumbers use safe and eco-friendly methods of finding underground leaks. The next section will also discuss most plumbers’ water leak detection methods. The steps we will describe are perfect examples to prevent unnecessary damage and harm. If you want to know the effective steps followed by All Star Plumbing & Restoration experts, then be with us till the end of the blog.

A water leak in the pipe can lead to water loss which is difficult to evaluate. A major leak can cause damage to the home and valuables. If you cannot trace the exact cause of the water leak, then the best company to consult with is All Star Plumbing & Restoration. A quick evaluation and recovery can decrease the level of disasters. You can shut off the main water source immediately if you notice a leak.

What does the team of experts perform after reaching your home? Not every leak is the same, so based on the scenario, they use different techniques and strategies to address the water leakage.

In the initial stage, the water leak detection team will come to your space and do a walk-through. This walk-through includes checking the fixtures, irrigation, under sinks, and other sources. They will also check your water meter to know how much water is used. After this, they will start moving to their next process.

Methods to detect the water leaks by plumbers

Visual inspection:

In the initial stage, the plumbers use the visual inspection method to detect water damage. The plumbers notice the smallest changes like water discoloration, standing water, warping, musty smell, and other indications. They check the sinks, fixtures, and other systems without missing any corners. They use their years of experience and specialization in this.

Water leak through thermal imaging:

Water leak can damage the structure of your home, and it is difficult to detect until you have the expert’s help. When you hire the plumbers, they use thermal imaging cameras to smoothen the water leak detection process. Through thermal imaging cameras, they find hidden water leaks and moisture issues.

Do you know what is thermal imaging used for? The reasons for building up the moisture vary, including pipe leakage, humidity, etc. Through thermal imaging cameras, they detect subtle changes in temperature, which signifies the existence of water.

This method detects hidden water leaks under the floorboards, drywall, concrete, and soils. The plumbers require special training to fulfill this step successfully. The plumbers of All Star Plumbing & Restoration have the specialized training to use these methods.

Drain inspection camera:

If they cannot find the source of leakage, they take help from the advanced tools. The plumbers use long flexible cables to check the underground pipes. They insert the camera through the outlets and faucets to evaluate the leak size and position. Through the infrared water leak detector, they receive live updates on their monitor and evaluate the internal condition of the pipe. This is one of the fastest and most reliable methods to discover the water leakage source.

Acoustic listening devices:

The plumbers also use microphones and listening discs to detect water leak sounds. These devices are used to amplify the sound. Even some plumbers use the disc plates to detect the water leakage under the bricks and concrete surface.

Soil probe method:

Have you ever heard about this method? The water main line leak is the biggest nightmare for any homeowner. The plumbers use soil probes or cable pipe and leak detection to identify the pressurized leaks. When the water detection experts insert the tool into the underneath soil, the velocity of the sound increases when it reaches the leakage. If you don’t want to dig up the soil, this would be the most effective alternative solution for you.

In addition, there are many other water detection leak methods that the water leak detection experts of All Star Plumbing & Restoration used to address the water leak effectively. Once they detect the leak source, they make strategies to recover the problem as soon as possible.


Are you experiencing any kind of water leakage inside your space? If you are worried about your home’s plumbing system and looking to hire effective water leak detection experts, choose All Star Plumbing & Restoration over any other. Call the best expert team and share the requirements. Call All Star Plumbing & Restoration at 858-707-7422 and handle the situation confidently.