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How To Find A Water Leak Under Concrete Floor

Water leak detection

Do you know what’s the most expensive kind of water leak? The ones that are difficult to find! For water leak detection services in San Diego, hire All-Star Plumbing & Restoration!

You will spot many signs if you have a leaky pipe in your home, but slab leaks are difficult to deal with. Slab leaks from beneath the concrete floors damage your home’s foundation. Finding a leak under concrete slabs is never easy. You can identify the signs of a leak in the slab pipes, but to detect the exact area of the leak and fix it, you need the services of expert plumbing leak detection professionals.

The slab leakage can foster mold growth that ultimately damages the structure. If you have a slab leak in your space, it’s important to discover it as soon as possible and fix it.

When a pipe leaks in your space, you will see puddles of water. Do you hear a mysterious dripping sound in your space? Finding a leak under concrete slabs is disturbing, but if you procrastinate and leave it for another day, the leak can only worsen.

If you feel something is wrong with your plumbing system, call All-Star Plumbing & Restoration. They have the best equipment to quickly find out the exact leak sources and the root cause of the problems.

Find tips for discovering water leaks under concrete floors.

What Happens When There Is A Water Leak Under Concrete Floors?

Leakage under concrete floors comes with its own set of risks. If you are struggling with this leakage, you should try to get the source as soon as possible. Concrete is a porous material that removes moisture when it dries. When the water evaporates, it produces small capillaries in the concrete.

When moisture comes into contact with these small capillaries, it weakens the structure.

Under the concrete, three plumbing lines run, including water, sewer, and gas. If any of these lines get damaged, it could damage the complete structure.

The most common factors which cause leakage under concrete floors are abrasion, unwanted shifting, high water pressure, faulty installation and corrosion, and intrusion of tree roots. Whenever you face a slab leak, it’s crucial to hire a professional plumber offering concrete slab leak detection services in Los Angeles.

It would be easier to detect the source of leakage when you have expert hands from All-Star Plumbing and Restoration. Finding the water leakage under the concrete floor will become easy if the slab leak has a high frequency or volume. The concrete floor allows the sounds to pass through because of the density.

What Are The Most Common Signs To Spot Slab Leak?

Are you living in an area that comes under the earthquake zone? If the soil condition is bad, slab leaks are common. Uneven slabs, bad quality concrete, and bad construction designs are the reasons for slab leaks. To detect the slab leak, you should be more conscious of the little changes in your plumbing system.

The sound of running water and seepage through the basement floor is the biggest sign of a slab leak. Identifying slab leak or leak under concrete is complicated. It can only be detected when you have advanced tools. So, if you are a homeowner, you should be wary when you find moldy, unpleasant smells inside the home, damped carpet, increased water bills, and warped floorboards.

Water starts building from beneath the concrete foundation when you have the slab leakage. Sometimes water can reach the surface of your home and create a flood-like situation. So, if you don’t want to deal with this flood-like situation, it’s important to fix slab leaks as soon as possible.

Tips And Tricks To Detect Water Leaks Under Concrete Floor

Be mindful of small changes:

Unfortunately, detecting the hidden slab leak in the initial stage is difficult. The initial sign might be mold growth. When the leaked water sits for a long time, it produces mold and causes crevices and cracks beneath your home. Over time, these molds begin to smell. It produces a musty smell. If you find damp spots and mold growth, hire a plumber offering water leak detection services Irvine.

Water coming from the concrete floor:

If you feel any warm spots on the floor, mark them and check after a few hours. If that spot continues to be warm, it could be because of a hot water pipe leak beneath the concrete.

Locate the pipe:

To find a water leak, you should know the location of your space’s main water supply line. There you find the main water shut-off valve that is used in case of emergencies. It’s important to take a tour of the most important plumbing line connection of your home. Check the water meter and then again read the meter after shutting down all the water supply sources. If there is a difference even after you have closed all the water sources, that means you have slab leak issues.

Perform the initial test:

Testing your home’s water pressure is difficult when you are a novice. But it can be smoothly done with an expert water detection and repair expert. The experts will reach your premises and adjust the water pressure. If they suspect a leak, they will conduct a plumbing leak detection.

What Are The Most Used Electronic Leak Detectors Tools?

Plumbers have high-quality, non-invasive water leak detection tools that are designed to identify leak sources without digging up the concrete floor.

Thermal imaging leak detection:

This detection tool is used to detect the source of the leak, which is coming from the underground heating pipe.

Pipe tracing tool:

These tools help discover the pipes hidden under the concrete. This is also helpful in indicating the depth of the pipe under the concrete floor.

Acoustic Listening leak detection:

The leak detection experts also use this tool for listening to sensitive sounds. It detects the sounds coming across the concrete floors and under concrete.

Moisture Mapping Technology:

This advanced tool is used for measuring the moisture amount. Some companies also use tracer gas leak detection tools to determine the issues.

There are several water leak detection tools available in the market, and experienced plumbers know how these tools can be used to get an accurate idea about the type of the leak, the location of the leak, and the extent of the leak.

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