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Water Leak Detection Encinitas

Blessed with beautiful beaches and dubbed one of the 20 best surf towns in the world by National Geographic Encinitas, CA is a beautiful place to call home. Living near to the Pacific Ocean, its residents are familiar with the power of water. The water at a home or business can seem insignificant when compared to the fierce beauty of the sea, but even a small water leak can be a big problem. With a leak, you may be paying for water that you never used. To make a bad situation even worse, that missing water might be causing serious damage.

Unfortunately, it can be hard to pinpoint a leak because pipes tend to be out of sight. That’s why the professional water leak detection services offered by All Star Plumbing are invaluable. We are a local business, available 24/7. We use a combination of specialized equipment and professional experience to determine the exact location of your water leak. Repairs are carried out with minimal disruption.

Why Do Water Leaks Occur?

Water leaks occur for many reasons. Age can be a culprit – as time passes, pipes degrade. The materials used in older pipes are generally less reliable than those used in newer constructions. Infiltration by tree roots and sudden changes in weather can also cause water leaks.

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    What are the signs of a water leak?

    While a sudden flood in your utility room is an obvious red flag, others signs of a possible water leak can be less obvious. They include:

    • The sound of water moving through pipes when you aren’t using any water.
    • A water or gas bill that is higher than normal.
    • A persistent wet spot outside or near the stucco.
    • An area of your floor that is surprisingly warm.

    What should I do if I suspect there’s a water leak in my home?

    If you suspect that you have a water leak, act fast. Any delay increases the potential for expensive damage. Call a professional immediately to evaluate the situation and trace the problem to its source so that the necessary repairs can be made.

    What is water leak detection?

    Water leak detection is a job best left to professionals who have the knowledge and right equipment to do it properly. At Allstar Pllumbing, we use specialized, non-invasive technology to identify discrepancies in your systems. Our equipment is sensitive, allowing us to find the exact location of the leak and determine the best fix.

    Why choose us?

    While we offer an array of plumbing repair services, water leak detection and repair is our primary focus. Our highly trained Encinitas plumbers uses specialized leak detection technology to peer inside the hidden spaces of your home or business to locate the source of your troubles without causing unnecessary physical damage to your walls and floors. If a leak is detected, we’ll discuss your options with you and advise you on the best way to repair the issue.

    If you’re concerned that you may have a water leak, don’t wait. Call Allstar Plumbing today. With 24/7 services, we’re always there when you need us.

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    Encinitas Water Damage

    Encinitas Water Damage

    Certified water damage specialists, with over 20 years of experience in restoration.

    Encinitas Leak Detection

    Encinitas Leak Detection

    We have sophisticated leak detection tools to find any water leak, large or small.

    Encinitas Slab Leak Repair

    Encinitas Slab Leak Repair

    We can identify slab leaks beneath your foundation and repair them quickly.
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    Encinitas Water Heaters

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