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Wall Leak Repair in Irvine

Despite being located in one of the most affluent and beautiful cities in California, the residents of Irvine in Orange County are also subjected to wall leaks and are in need of a reliable plumbing service and water leak detection team.

All Star Plumbing & Restoration are one of Southern Californias leading plumbing services, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to tend to any plumbing emergency. Our certified technicians can help you with your wall leak repair any time of any day.

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    How Can I Check For A Wall Leak?

    Your home’s water meter and an experienced plumber. Whether you are residential or business, calling a plumber is essential when you first notice a damp spot or discoloration on the wall.

    Here are some ways you can tell you have a wall leak:

    • Higher than usual water bill.
    • The ceiling, baseboard or floor of the room where the leak is located may appear warped, cracked or have water stains.
    • You may notice watermarks or blisters on your wall’s surface.
    • Musty smell in your home

    Can These Types of Leaks Be Prevented?

    A leak in the wall can be prevented but may take some time to address. Although a leak can happen within new home, it’s more likely to become an problem in an older house. The source of a leak in the wall will usually provide one or more visible signs of its presence (and sometimes you can smell it!). The most proactive measure to prevent this type of leak is to repair all holes and cracks you find in the home with the correct filling materials and cover the surface with a waterproofing compound. Most leaks within a wall go undetected for months or years and frequently occur in the basement. Waterproofing is an effective solution to prevent this issue.

    What Are My Options If I Have A Wall Leak?

    Water leaks are very common in Orange County because the poor water quality of the city. The chemical chloramine combined with hard water cause it to eat through pipes and thus cause pinhole leaks. If you are hearing an unusual sound behind your wall or you notice that your floors or walls are wet, it’s obvious that you have a leak. Other signs can come from a damp, mildew smell within the home, walls that are suddenly warped or stained and peeling paint. It is very important to know that if left untreated, hidden plumbing leaks can lead to serious water damage within your home.

    What Should I Do If I Have A Leak?

    We arrive in less than 60 minutes after you have placed a call. They will listen to your comments, examine the site and prepare a reasonable estimate of the cost. At all times, you and your property will receive the respect and attention to safety that you deserve.

    All Star Plumbing & Restorations certified Irvine plumber can respond to any wall leak repair or detection, ultimately helping you avoid costly repairs down the road. Restoration can be expensive and replacing an entire dry wall, and painting can cost several thousand dollars. If floor damage is involved, it can also be costly and this does not include the actual leak repair. We can assure you will receive the attention you need to make the necessary repairs and help you avoid this kind of catastrophe.

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