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Older Homes Plumbing: Top 5 Issues to Watch Out For

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Most of the time, the older homes are cherished based on their charm and character. But older homes come with lots of complications. Want to know about those complications and how to address plumbing service confidently? Let’s try to understand this through this article.

An older house with extra spaces is a blessing to have! The older homes are built with unique specifications and durable materials. But these houses often conceal many problems. Some of the problems are minor, while some of them are major! If you don’t want to experience significant damage in your space, it’s good to be conscious in the early stages of buying an older property.

As a responsible homeowner, you should find out about the common plumbing issues in old houses before you buy them.

If you have inherited or purchased an older house, it’s good to know what you should expect. The older homes look charming and valuable, but it also brings certain hidden plumbing issues that can stress you. So, it is necessary to check those potential issues that would cause low water pressure from time to time by hiring the plumbing inspectors of All Star Plumbing & Restoration.

The plumbing inspectors mostly focused on the potential areas with a higher risk of damage. These areas include drain lines, shut-off valves, supply lines, and inspecting water heaters and pressure. So, before you move to invest in an older home, ask about these issues. But what if you already have an older home? So, fortunately, All Star Plumbing & Restoration professionals are there to help you avoid the risks.

This blog has mentioned the top 5 plumbing issues that must be addressed. We will also discuss what is considered plumbing fixtures and how to solve them by hiring experts!

The 5 most common plumbing issues in old houses

Older Pipes

The homes built earlier than the 1990s could potentially have pipes that are made of materials that are no longer in use today. Unless the previous owners had replaced the pipes, then there is a chance that probably the pipes are old.

Mostly the older homes have installed pipes made with the lead or with galvanized steel piping materials. These pipes are coated with a thick layer of zinc, but, in general, the pipes can become extensively corrosive. In such cases, pipe corrosion can cause a thick level of rust in the drinking water. So, if the plumbing system is made with these materials and there is a water pipe leakage, it’s high time to change them or upgrade them.

Bellied Pipelines In Main Drains

The pipes installed underneath the homes start sloping and bellying over time. These pipes can be moved downwards when the house settles gradually. The pipelines installed in your space that are bellied create barriers to water flow and become the reason for clogged pipelines.

This situation can cause a potential mess in your home and yard. Bellied sewer lines can be the reason for leaks. If you don’t want to face severe water damage, you should focus on these signs.

The most common signs of bellied pipelines are slow drains, lush green patches, and unwanted smells. So, if you suspect any signs in your space, call professionals for plumbing service. They will identify the problems and suggest the exact solution to prevent the same scenario.

Faulty Sewer Lines

The sewer lines are not visible to you, but that doesn’t mean you neglect them. The older the house you have, the more important it will be to focus on them! There is a chance of a heavy buildup of sediments and clogs in the sewer line. When the sewer lines get clogged, there can be water backflow into your drain lines.

The damaged sewer lines also occur due to the tree roots and shifting in foundations. Hiring plumbing experts will let you know how to unclog a drain. Have you noticed any of the faulty sewer line signs? Here are a few signs which tell you to have faulty sewer lines:

1. A foul or unpleasant smell in your space

2. Are there multiple slow drains?

3. Do you notice spots and puddles in the yard?

If you see any of these signs, call professional plumbing service experts. The foul smell also increases the exposure to gas, potentially harming your health. These gasses are highly explosive, so if you want to eliminate this toxic environment, you should look for an effective solution.

Old broken fixtures:

The old home contains antique fixtures and faucets, enhancing its value and charm. But these old fixtures are not long-lasting, and pipe corrosion and bad hardware connections cause leaks. This is what causes low water pressure. The outdated fixtures can cause serious problems and lead to flood-like situations.

If you notice a certain amount of limescale buildup on your fixture, you must replace that, as this is what can cause low water pressure in a house.

Every homeowner should opt to battle with these issues to avoid significant damages. If you ignored these signs without seeking a proper solution, they could become severe over time. The most common signs of outdated fixtures are broken sinks, leakage from fixtures, and slow water flow. If you want to receive preventive maintenance, hire an expert plumbing specialist near your location.

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Improper installation:

Sometimes, improper installation of plumbing can also be the reason for plumbing issues. When you hire local repairers or a novice plumber to repair or fix the plumbing system, this is all you are ended with. People without professional certifications and training do not know how to efficiently install or connect the lines. They often use outdated tools or equipment. So, if you want to keep your plumbing system running for a long time, you should hire professional experts. The professional plumbing experts are skilled and licensed. Hire someone who is qualified and experienced in handling the plumbing requirements.

The above-discussed problems are the most basic issues shown in older homes. No matter how carefully you take care of the fixtures and your plumbing system, pipe leakages occur. Maybe the previous homeowner has ignored the smallest signs of plumbing, right?

So, before you are going to buy an older home, be sure about certain plumbing issues. Inspect the common plumbing issues like unsecured pipes, bad water heater condition, broken fixtures, and pinholes in plumbing pipes. To address these problems, you can take help from the experts.

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Old houses attract a lot of buyers. But before moving to an old home, you should be aware of the likely plumbing issues. It is necessary to identify potential plumbing problems and repair them as soon as possible before they turn into a disaster. Call All Star Plumbing & Restoration when you would like a plumbing inspection done and prevent many common plumbing issues from occurring in old houses.