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High Water Bill: 6 Reasons and How to Reduce the Costs

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As a homeowner, it can be quite frustrating to receive a water bill that is much higher than what you are used to paying. However, before you start panicking, it’s important to understand that there are several factors that can contribute to an increase in your water bill. In this blog post, we will explore six common reasons for a hike in the water bill and provide tips on how to reduce your water usage and save money.

Excellent Tips to Reduce The Water Bill

1. Leaky/ Runny Toilets

If you have leaky or running toilets at your home, then it is very obvious that water wastage will happen. Toilets are in use throughout the day. It is important to keep their water supply throughout. But, if your water taps in it are running or if the flush is leaked in any way, then you will see a lot of water wastage.

Your tank can even get empty because of it. All this will result in a hike in your water bills.

Solution: It is crucial to prevent it. To prevent this, you can call plumbers in Orange County for water leak detection and can get your runny toilets and blocked flushes fixed. Once they fix your toilets, you do not have to worry about the leaks causing increased water bills. Also, you will not see any water wastage as well.

2. Leaky Faucets And Fixtures

Leaky faucets on fixtures can cause a lot of water-related issues. If you have a sink at your home, you need to turn them off every time you are not using them.

After using your faucets, if you leave the top open, you will notice a huge water wastage. It will result in your sink getting blocked, and a lot of water will get on your kitchen floors or bathroom floors. Such situations will also cause a hike in your water bills.

Solution: After you are done with the usage of your things, you have to turn them off. But still, if you observe that your water tap is still releasing water even if you have turned them off, then call professionals for water leak detection services in Orange County as soon as possible.

Till the plumbers arrive at your place, do not let the water get wasted. You can stop the water supply to stop water from getting wasted.

3. Leaky Washing Machines

Many people wash their clothes every day. However, some wash on alternate days and some twice a week. So, washing machines need to be in use every day.

If you have leaky washing machines or if it will get damaged in any way or the water pipes in which you put water in them to wash your clothes, they may come out from the place where it has been damaged or from the pipe which has residual bad water. If it happens, it will give rise to immense water wastage, and then it will become a reason for a hike in your water bills.

Solution: You can call a technician from the company and get your washing machine fixed and its water pipe as well.

4. Irrigation Water Leaks

One of the major fields of work that demands lots and lots of water is irrigation. In irrigation, you need to supply gallons of water so that your gardens are well maintained.

But, if for any reason your tube well from where you are supplying irrigation water starts to leak water, it will cause a lot of issues for you. If any of the water pipes used for irrigation will get damaged and will start leaking, then immense amounts of water get wasted.

Sometimes, when these pipes get damaged, then whenever you release water, the leak will let the water flow into one part of the garden or orchard, and as an outcome, it will not be able to go further than that. All these can also lead to a hike in your water bills.

Solution: It is essential to quickly address the problem. To prevent this issue from happening, always check whether your water pipes or tubes are in good condition or not. After supplying water to your lawns, gardens, or orchards, always check whether water is reaching all over. If it is getting stored in one part of the field, you can call the water leak detectors in Orange County.

5. Slab Leaks and Roof Leaks

One of the major reasons why you can see a hike in your water bills is because of slab leaks. If there is a leak in the slab pipes, then you will face a lot of water-related issues. Water wastage will lead to hikes in water bills.

Such things can happen because of the low maintenance of your slab pipes. Not only this, if your pipes are old and you haven’t got them changed for a longer period, the damaged pipes can leak in many places.

It is important to use good plumbing materials so that leaks and water wastage are prevented. Get your slab pipes checked once a year. If your old slab pipes are not the modern ones but the ones that are no longer in use in the market, then it is wiser to get chem checked regularly and get them replaced if their condition has started to deteriorate

As we discussed, slab leaks can become a major issue for you getting higher water bills. Likewise, roof leaks are also one of the most common and serious plumbing issues. Therefore, you should call Professional Plumbers in Orange County from time to time and should get Leak Detection Services at your place for roof leaks. This can happen if you haven’t got it maintained for a longer period. Even because of minor damages, you can see serious issues in your roof leaks.

If you have an old house, then you should get the roof plumbing checked from time to time to avoid issues related to its leakage. But, you should take several measures.

You should get waterproofing done on your roof. If you get it done, then you will be able to prevent many water damage problems from occurring.

6. Water Heater Malfunction

If your water heater is not functioning properly, it could be causing your water bill to increase. A malfunctioning water heater can waste water by continuously running, even when you’re not using any hot water. Be sure to have your water heater serviced regularly to prevent any issues that could result in higher water bills.


Plumbing problems can create a big issue for you. You should solve plumbing problems like Slab Leak Detection, roof leaks, irrigation leaks, leaky washing machines, running toilets, and leaking faucets and fixtures on time. Doing so can help you in preventing a hike in your water bills due to water wastage.

It is ideal to schedule leak detection services in the spring and before the winter becomes colder. Expert plumbers can help you avoid numerous leak possibilities that are just waiting to happen. Save money, time, and effort by choosing on-time water leak detection and plumbing inspection services.

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