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Common Problems to Expect with Your Old Water Heater: Time for an Upgrade?

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Every household needs warm water for one purpose or the other in their day-to-day life. After the introduction of innovative technology, people no longer are dependent on the traditional ways of heating water. It can easily be done using water heaters and geysers.

From drinking, taking showers, washing utensils to frequent hand washing and laundry, warm water is used depending on the diverse preferences. If you calculate, then an average household can utilize warm water up to 25 times a day.

Not to mention, it has increased the demand for water heaters in today’s era. But these innovations can cause problems, and you may have to end up calling professional water heater repair services.

After a point of time, you would be bound to see some signs indicating that your water heater needs a repair or replacement. Wondering what they could be?

Well, here is a list of problems that you would be expecting from your old water heater.

10 Issues You May Face From An Old Water Heater

Rusty Water

Every solid thing on the earth has some kind of weakness; for instance, steel rusts with time. When the corrosion takes place on the surface of the steel, it not only spreads but also eats the steel at different spots.

As the water pipes and tanks are made up of steel, they become the victim of corrosion. If you find your water inlet rusted, then take hold inside the tank.

But if the water comes out rusty, the pipes are to be blamed. Furthermore, the problem of rusting can lead to other issues like cloudy water, smelly water, and even leakage.

Therefore, this becomes a warning sign that your water heater has become too old to use. So you can begin with hiring water heater repair services in Carlsbad to aid the issue or simply change the heater for the better.

Strange Noise

Another sign to expect if your water heater has turned too old or needs water heater maintenance is a strange noise. As the heater ages with time, rumbling noises can be expected to get louder and clearer. Sometimes they may sound like taps or knocks too.

The strange noise could possibly come because of many reasons. To be precise, this includes sediment buildup in the water heater which grows and gets hard with time.

Another reason could involve that you have not flushed the water heater annually. With the help of a professional, the process of flushing to remove the sediments can become easier.

Water Heater Leakage

Every good thing tears down after a certain period of time if not taken care of. Just like that, a sign of your water heater getting old is that there might be leakage problems. You would witness water appearing on the floor or around the tank.

Thus, if you think you have got water around the tank, then it means nothing but leaks. However, the problems of leaks happen because of the expansion of metal in the tank. Another reason could be improper fittings or connections to the tanks.

If you are facing any problems with leakage, then it is recommended to call a professional water heater repair agency in Carlsbad. With more than decades of experience, you can expect this service provider to aid your issue at affordable rates.

Taking Longer To Heat

If your water heater is taking too long to heat, then now is time to call a water heater maintenance company in Carlsbad.

The reason behind this could be faulty heating elements, build-up of sediments, and faulty thermostats. It is recommended that if your water heater is older than ten years, then replace them if needed.

Low Water Pressure

Is your water pressure running low? Well, it would be time to contact the water heater repair services who are well-known and have got extensive work experience.

Low water pressure is often caused because of not having wide pipes. It is to inform you that traditional homes have water pipes whose width is around ½ inch, whereas the modern ones have water pipes with ¾ width.

So if you are facing the problem of low water pressure, then know that it is time to consider fitting wide pipes with the help of a professional water heater maintenance provider in Carlsbad. The service provider has a team of experts who offer the right solution to identify the root of the issue.

The “Pilot” Does Not Work

When a water heater gets old with time, it encounters multiple problems. One such is that the pilot would either not work properly or fully. You would witness the heater’s pilot not lighting in the first place.

It could be because the pilot light has been blocked and needs a replacement or the thermocouple is faulty. This process is also applicable when the pilot lights up and turns out after a second or two.

In such cases, it is recommended to contact a trusted water heater repair agency in Carlsbad. Seeking help from a professional will not just save you from further damages but also from the dangers of harming yourself.

Temperature Fluctuations

Few things are less irritating in the morning than the fluctuations in the temperature of water heaters. How would you feel after waking up from a good sleep and facing such problems? Completely annoying.

If you find yourself adjusting the water heater temperature every now and then, it is a straightforward message which you should not ignore.

The water heater’s thermostat should stay where it has been programmed. If you find it cooling off too much, then nothing can be better than calling water heater maintenance experts in Carlsbad. With their help, you would be able to replace the thermostat or heating element easily.

Water Too Hot

Sometimes the water coming from the heater can be too hot because of the thermostat being set on high. This is probably the easiest problem to resolve – meaning turning the thermostat down can help.

But if doing this also does not help at all, then try to check the temperature-pressure valve. When the temperature-pressure valve is faulty, the heater will not shut off until the proper temperature is reached.

Thus, to let you know, this is a dangerous situation and valve replacement might be required. So in order to replace it, you may opt for water heater repair services by a trusted company.

Foul Smell

This is also a sign that your water heater has turned too old to use. When the foul smell comes, then know that the bacteria in the heater could be a culprit. It sometimes can be common in the cases where the water comes from the well.

In order to cure this problem, flushing with the help of a water heater maintenance provider in Carlsbad would surely help. You can also try to boil the water to kill the bacteria or clean out everything using chlorine bleach.

On the other hand, if the water starts to smell like rotten eggs, then your culprit could be failing anode rod. Hence replacing it with an immediate effect has to be the only option left.

Requiring Expensive Repairs

As mentioned earlier, everything begins to tear after a certain period of time. When an appliance gets older, the parts start to wear out, and maintenance work will get costly.

It is pretty obvious that not every household wants to spend excessive money on just repairing.

So if the appliance needs regular water heater repair services in Carlsbad, then the best thing to do is replace it.

What Do You Need To Keep In Mind When Replacing A Water Heater?

Your water heater is the most underrated appliance in the household. Its value is only understood when it needs water heater repair or stops working completely.

Without a water heater, you would not be able to enjoy luxuries like hot showers, warm baths, disinfected dishes, and more.

Basically, the average lifespan of a water heater is from 10 to 12 years. But once the period is over, you require regular water heater repair or maintenance services. And who can be better than All Star Plumbing And Restoration when it comes to providing such trusted services.

However, if you are facing such problems every now and then, know that it is time to get yourself a new water heater. Here are some useful tips listed below, which you should consider while getting a new one.

Family Usage

when purchasing a water heater, it is essential that you consider family usage.

Make sure to calculate the amount and frequency of showers, baths, dishes, or laundry taking place in the household.


what people always forget to consider is their budget. If the budget is considered first, it will help you to choose the right heater.

Safety Features

water heaters are usually safe in nature. But being wise would not hurt anyone.

Make sure to check if it has a safety valve or a built-in storage water heater.

This will help to prevent the water heater from blowing up in troublesome situations.


when buying a water heater, the quality should never be ignored.

Make sure that you are investing in something valuable and durable.

Go for the ones which are corrosion-free. The one you are choosing should come from a renowned brand.

Energy Consumption

water heaters are known to contribute about 20% to the high electricity bills that you receive.

It is pretty obvious that no one wants to spend so much money every month.

So when buying a new water heater, make sure to get the one which has advanced features like energy-saving mode.


if you find it difficult to purchase a new water heater, then consulting with professional water heater repair services is recommended.

Having a discussion with an expert will help you to understand every aspect clearly and make the right choice.

Switch To A Hassle-Free Life With A Reliable Water Heater!!

Water is needed in every household for multiple purposes. When the water heater fails for whatever reason, it is important that you identify the problem at an early stage rather than ignoring them.

Know that ignoring would only make the problem worse and end up costing you more money later. Also, it will give you unwanted troubles and make your life stressful.

If you have been facing problems with the water heater, then seeking help from experts who are one of the best service providers in the field of water heater maintenance in Carlsbad is suggested. But if the problem occurs regularly and the water heater is more than 10 years old, then replacing it has to be considered.