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How Professional Plumbers Fix Slab Leak in Orange County

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Slab Leaks are Water Leaks of Plumbing Pipes Installed in and beneath the Slab concrete foundation of an Orange County home or company. Leaky subsurface Pipes are not always evident unless Orange County Property Owners know the most frequent Slab Leak signs. Due to their destructive nature, slab water leaks must be detected early to prevent costly structural damage to your house or place of business.

Slab Leaks are caused by poor Installation of Pipes and Fittings, Friction, Kink, Electrolysis, and Chemical Reactions (Rust, etc.) that drive the Piping to deteriorate the following Slab Leak symptoms: High Water bills resemble gushing water when there is no Water. Being used, excessive dampness under carpets, hot spots on floors, or floor cracks are all indicators of a leaky plumbing system.

Detection of Slab Leaks | Orange County Plumber

Slab Leak Repair In Orange County will not only determine if there is a Pipe Leak but will also attempt to locate its exact source in a non-destructive manner. Using susceptible, low-noise, technologically advanced equipment, we give more apparent and precise findings than our competitors. Call All Star Plumbing immediately; we are the most reputable and knowledgeable subterranean leak detection specialists in Orange County!

Once our team identifies the Slab Pipe Leak, your options for Slab Leak Repair are to replace the leaking piece of the Pipe or to repipe the complete Pipeline. In certain instances, the epoxy coating can be utilized to repair holes without excavating the concrete slab.

100% client happiness is our goal. We regularly provide slab leak Orange County services that exceed customers’ expectations.

The most typical signs of a slab leak are:

  • Wet subfloors.
  • There are hot areas on the floor.
  • High prices for water utilities.
  • The sound of running Water cannot be located.

If you notice cracks in the walls or floors, this may result from a slab leak.

Mildew and heavy wetness under carpets may be a Slab Leak Detection in Orange County.

If there are any of the symptoms mentioned above, don’t hesitate to get the best course of action for the Repair.

Why does a slab leak occur?

  • Pipes can be torn apart by the natural shifting of the ground caused by a change in subterranean moisture.
  • Poor installation by incompetent plumbers might result in pipes that are too tiny, of the wrong material, or improperly wrapped.
  • The pH balance of the Water can cause corrosion of copper pipes.
  • Cracked water lines and substandard materials with flaws can potentially cause slab leaks. This may also occur when Piping is bent or connected.

Slab Leak Detection Orange County

Without specific evidence of the leak source, it is unacceptable to breach a slab. Do not permit anyone to disassemble your property to hunt for such leaks. Our company employs a systematic procedure to locate a slab leak that combines technical know-how and experience.

Non-destructively finding leaks requires modern equipment such as electronic amplification equipment and electromagnetic pipeline locators. Leaks may be located and repaired with minimum property damage with the proper tools.

These issues can be resolved as follows:

This is the insurance company’s euphemism for jackhammering up the floor to make a spot repair on the leaky Water main. This Repair tends to be slightly disruptive and is not recommended if the foundation is post-tension. This approach is impractical if the leak is below the walls, cabinets, or permanent plumbing fixtures.

This approach is the industry standard for slab leak repair in Orange County and is often accepted by insurers. A new water line is installed through the walls and ceilings of your home to replace the leaking water line beneath the floor.

With this option, substantial damage to the interior surfaces of your home is possible for longer cables. This approach is only utilized if the leaking line is short or cannot be fixed using epoxy restoration.

Typically, two entry points are required to apply this restoration method. This technology saves customers thousands of dollars compared to conventional slab leak repair techniques.

This alternative may be suitable for you if you have had multiple re-routings and are weary of dealing with slab leaks. This is possible with a new water heater system that uses non-metallic pex piping, which may be precisely what you require. This setting ensures an error-free system.

We are available around the clock, seven days a week, for any plumbing emergency. Contact us if you suspect a slab leak, and we will undertake detection and Repair.

How Do We Fix a Leaking Slab?

Once a slab leak is detected, we will offer you all potential repair options based on the leak’s location and severity. Regardless of the feasible solution for your case, we will work quickly to ensure that your plumbing system is leak-free. There are three known methods for repairing a slab leak:

1. Tunnel-Free Repair

Trenchless plumbing is the least invasive and most cost-effective approach for repairing a slab leak. We will drill access holes in your slab and inspect your pipes with a camera to establish the extent of the damage. If a trenchless repair is feasible, we will seal the fractured areas of the waterline with an epoxy pipe lining.

If your pipes are irreparably damaged, pipe bursting, also known as pipe splitting, is an additional trenchless option. The technique involves installing pipes with a little larger diameter than the existing pipes.

2. Re-Piping/Rerouting

When many pipes are damaged, a slab leak may necessitate pipe rerouting or repiping, which may involve breaking through the slab and installing new lines. If only a handful of pipes need to be replaced, repiping is the optimal solution. Repiping requires the removal of broken pipes and the installation of new ones.

3. Epoxy Restoration

With this option, you can usually use two access points to repair. Compared to the traditional ways of fixing slab leaks, this solution has saved our customers thousands of dollars.

4. Repiping

This may be the right choice if you’ve already had a few reroutes and are tired of dealing with slab leaks. This can be done with a new water heater system that uses non-metallic pex pipes, which may be just what you need. This choice ensures that the system won’t have any problems.


Slab leak detection in Orange County without a professional inspection to locate the water source might be difficult. We have the technology and knowledge to identify the head of the issue and the skills to repair and restore your property.

Our team takes all COVID precautionary measures while working.