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Water Damage Repair in San Marcos

Water damage can create havoc to your property. Our water damage repair services are handled by certified, experienced and licensed contractors and technicians. We are available 24/7 throughout the year. While all items may not be fully restorable because of water damage, we bring back the affected areas to pristine conditions.

With decades of service, All Star Plumbing & Restoration become one of the best restoration companies in California, and our water leak experts are backed by our level of expertise, resources and competencies. We give residential water damage restoration services. When you need emergency water damage repair in San Marcos, you will find immediate assistance and help within an hour when you call All Star Plumbing & Restoration. Our professionals are highly trained to conduct quick but comprehensive assessment and take steps for progressive damage mitigation.

Our services include water leak detection, plumbing system repair and restoration, leaky equipment or appliance repair, slab leak repair or repiping, structural drying and repairs, where required, decontamination in cases of drain water leaks, among other water damage repair services. Call us today to get the most efficient and affordable water damage repair in San Marcos.

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    Water Damage Restoration in San Marcos

    • Inspection and damage assessment: In this process we detect and inspect the source, cause and extent of the water leak – whether it is related to underground plumbing, wall plumbing, an appliance such as a laundry equipment or a hot water system. In case of pipe bursts, we also help with emergency repiping services if the evidence calls for a repipe.
    • Water Removal: If the water leak has caused indoor flooding, we use power pumps and truck-mounted vacuum units to quickly remove water from your property, when required. We have the best techniques and tools for drying out interior elements – floors, walls, carpets, etc.
    • Dehumidification, Deodorizing: We have the tools to detect and remove even hidden moisture. Our technicians also carefully observe the progress using moisture meters until every affected object is treated. All signs of bad odour is removed and the air quality is tested to ensure optimum health standards.
    • Mold Removal and Decontamination: We detect and remove all traces of mold while ensuring that mold spores do not spread to areas unaffected by mold in your property. If the interiors or exterior elements of your property has been exposed to dirty or contaminated water, for example in case of a drain or sewer line issue, we ensure proper decontamination is carried out to prevent health risks. We don’t ignore any aspect in your property that needs water damage repair in San Marcos.

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    Water Damage Repair Services

    We offer fast responses through phone and arrange for plumbers and technicians to arrive at your property within an hour, or even less, when you make a request for emergency water damage repair in San Marcos team. Apart from water extraction, cleanup, and moisture and odor removal, we deliver several damage repair services such as:

    • Structural drying: This includes drying the structural elements of your property such as drywalls, leaky roofs and ceilings, etc.
    • Restoration of carpets, furniture and upholstery: We make optimum efforts to salvage water soaked interior elements, cleaning and drying them and making every known efforts to restore them, including providing repainting or polishing services.
    • Electrical repairs: If any electrical wiring has been affected due to water, we get you the services of licensed and efficient electricians within minutes.
    • Heating and cooling system repairs: We have highly trained heating and cooling system water leak repair experts to ensure superior quality repairs.
    • Pipe repairs and repiping: If water damage was caused by burst or damaged pipes, we also offer pipe repair and repiping services, as the situation calls for.

    Why Choose Us for Water Leak Damage Repair in San Marcos?

    Our plumbers in San Marcos are licensed and bonded, and all our plumbers and technicians have required license and certifications to carry out water damage restoration activities per standards from cleanup to disinfection and decontamination. As we are open 24/7 emergency water damage repair in San Marcos, you need not worry about getting expert help no matter what time of the day or night you are faced with a water damage scenario.

    Our services are always tailored to provide you and your property with the best repair experience. Your satisfaction is our goal and we never deem our job complete until you are happy with our service.

    A water damage scenario can occur at any property – home, office, restaurant, retail stores or schools. What is crucial is to get the water supply stopped immediately. At the same time, it is important not to take chances of electrocution or other risks. The best way to deal with the problem is to call the water damage repair experts. They will offer you immediate assistance, including advice on what you should do on your own and what you should not.

    Call All Star Plumbing & Restoration when you require water damage repair in San Marcos.

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