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7 Serious Issues With Repairing a Faulty Water Heater

Repair faulty water heater

The water heater these days is one of the luxury things that most people take for granted. That means they don’t maintain it properly, and when it stops working, you want it to work as soon as possible; for that, you opt for a quick DIY job.

A water heater is an electrical appliance used constantly and can develop various problems with time. But instead of calling a professional to solve the problem, you will try to do it on your own; then, this step can make the problem worse.

There are various problems that can occur with the time in your water heater. Some are small, and you can resolve it with easy steps, and some need special care. So, if you want your water heater to work efficiently and for a long-lasting period, then calling a water heater repair expert in Los Angeles will be the best idea. Why? Let’s throw some light on the consequences of improper water heater repair services.

Problems You May Face Due To Improper Water Heater Repair

If you neglect professional water heater repair services in Los Angeles and try to opt for some DIY repairs, this step may cause you serious problems and cost you more. The reason is that these inexperienced people haven’t taken professional training to repair the water heater, nor are they qualified enough to tackle all the water heater problems.

1. Loss Of Warranty

Most companies provide warranties with water heater parts like heating elements, anode rods, etc. The warranty does not wrap the damages caused due to mismanagement of the heater by unskilled workers. If the product loses the warranty, you have to buy that water heater part. Besides this, in some cases, you have to buy a new water heater if it gets damaged due to wrong repairs.

Problems You Face During Improper Water Heater Repair

2. Foul Smell

Every home has all comfort facilities, indoor piping, and water heaters. If the water is coming clear and odorless, it’s good. But if you find the water smelly, it’s time to worry. There are various causes that are making water smelly, such as collecting dirt, sewage, or debris.

When you buy a new water heater, they come with an anode rod, a piece of metal that prevents the buildup of corrosion by saving the heater from rust. These anode rods are made of aluminum and magnesium, but they respond with bacteria already present in tanks to give the fearful hydrogen sulfide gas.

There may be another chance, and some bacteria grow rich in water heater’s build hydrogen sulfide. Since they will not harm you, this gas is the main reason behind the rotten eggs like the smell you feel when you turn on a hot water tap.

This is the time to reach an expert to get this trouble solved as early as possible, as this may damage your water heater if not handled in time.

3. No Hot Water

All the water heaters are supplied with circuit breakers. Sometimes due to issues, they get tripped, and you don’t get hot water. In this case, calling an expert is the best idea as it may fail due to various reasons and lead to hazardous accidents.

Some of these causes are: –

  • Faulty Thermostat
  • Bad Heating Element

If you try to repair them, they can break down anytime. So, instead of this, calling a technician is best as they can handle such problems very well.

4. Electric Shocks

Water heaters work on high voltages, and they use too much power to heat the water. The unit consists of bundles of trippers connected to the mainline with wires. In many cases, the reasons behind shocks are water leakage and damaged wire.

Electric shock can occur due to water leakage, as the water is continuously dripping on the circuits. If you ignore this issue, it can even give a shock to the person who will try to turn on the water heater or repair it.

The wires of the water heater get damaged as it is constantly working without proper care. It will give you a shock or burn the body when you turn the tap on.

If you call an unprofessional to repair the water heater, it may be dangerous. However, the best thing is to call professional technicians as they will solve your problem without damaging the water heater.

5. Joining The Wrong Component

When professionals come to repair the water heater, there are many things which they have to check and fix. They need to check all parts thoroughly to determine the damages or issues. This step is very complex as the unit consists of a large number of parts.

Most of the unprofessional individuals wrongly repair parts that are not faulty, and hence, the actual problem still remains unfixed. Apart from that, they don’t have the proper equipment, knowledge, and tools to identify the problem. So, it is wiser to seek the help of a professional whenever you need it.

6. Noise From Water Heater

Crackling and hissing sounds are commonly heard in electric water heaters. The most remarkable reason behind this is the collection of sediments in the water heater at the bottom of the tank. This will consume more energy to warm the water and boost your electricity bills. If you notice this problem, immediately call for assistance. Do not solve the problem yourself as it will cost you more.

7. Too Hot Water Or Delay In Hot Water

Getting hot water is wonderful, but having too hot water is not welcoming. The reason for this problem can be a faulty thermostat, the pressure relief valve is blocked, or has high mineral substances. Firstly, try adjusting the temperature yourself. But do not try to repair the thermostat on your own, as repairing yourself will give you a serious problem. It is best to call a professional water heater repair service in Los Angeles to solve this issue.

The heating time of water differs based on models. Generally, electric heaters are slower than gas heaters. If you notice that the water heater is taking a long time, it is a sign of the thermostat or heating element failure. You can not ignore the sediments collection and low volume regulators. It’s not too difficult to replace those parts, but you may wrong fix or break the parts, so professional assistance is advisable.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional?

Doing it yourself saves your money and time, and calling an unskilled technician can make your water heater faulty while putting your family at risk.

So, if you want your water heater to work efficiently for an extended period, do not forget to call an expert for water heater repair services in Los Angeles. The reason is they are properly trained, such as electric wiring, pipelines, or gas lines as well as heating elements.

Also, have good knowledge of the water heater’s parts and functions. They will repair your unit without any problem and make necessary changes to the faulty parts.

If you see any of these issues, do not try to repair them own-

  • Very low pressure of water
  • Leaking water
  • Damaged pilot light
  • Rusty water from the heater
  • Damaging your walls, furniture, and wiring
  • Chance of release of carbon monoxide
  • Single sparks lead to accidents

Getting your item repaired or changed can have many risks to your health and glorious home. It involves many dangers but calling an expert is an excellent way to solve the faulty problems of the water heater.


These problems, as mentioned above, can occur if you try to own its maintenance or change faulty parts. This step will undoubtedly cut down your pockets, and still, your hands are empty or, sometimes, buy a new water heater as older ones get damaged due to improper handling.