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How to Prevent Slab Leak through Repiping

Slab Leak Repair By Experts

Are you living in a home structured on a concrete slab and struggling with slab leak problems? Don’t worry; All Star Plumbing & Restoration can suggest a cost-effective solution for you.

As a homeowner, you might go through lots of plumbing issues, but slab leak brings lots of inconveniences. This is counted among one of the most daunting plumbing issues that need to be recovered as soon as you can. Understanding the cause and risks of a slab leak is essential for every homeowner. It is suggested to take help from Repipe Specialists San Diego if you want to deal with slab leak issues confidently. In this blog, we will help you become aware of the right steps that need to be taken to prevent you from facing this problem.

Slab leaks are the most threatening because they go undetected for a long time. A huge amount of water leaking under the slab causes slight shifts in the foundation. Over time this situation can turn into cracks in floors and walls. But the problem begins when any of the plumbing lines get damaged!

As the water leaks under the concrete, it erodes the soil. It reduces the support for the slab, which puts more strain and gives the water a clear path to enter. Depending on the type of leakage, you can determine how dangerous the situation can be. Repairing the pipes is not a DIY task, and you need professional help, right?

So, here in this blog, we have described slab leaks and how do you fix plumbing under a slab! We will also learn when repiping should be done and why.

What Do You Understand By Slab Leak?

The slab leak is a water leak in the pipes installed below your home’s slab foundation. If undetected, the slab leaks continue for a long time and cause a lot of water damage. Over time, it can be turned into cracks on the floor and wall.

Slab leaks mostly occur because of the expansion and contraction due to changes in pressure. The other reasons are poor plumbing construction, low-quality material, and weak structure. Some other reasons for slab leaks are imbalance in water PH level, high water pressure, and the contaminants present in water. These conditions cause corrosion in the pipes and damage them.

There are various reasons why a water leak in concrete slab floors occurs. Find out in detail about the various causes of the slab leaks and slab leak signs.

What Are The Causes Of the Slab Leak Problem?

There are various factors that lead to slab leaks. When you understand these factors, you will also be able to answer how to prevent slab leaks.

High water pressure

The experts say the water pressure of 50-75 PSI is safe. If the water supplied to your home comes at high pressure, and it exerts more force on plumbing systems. The constant excessive pressure ultimately results in cracks and leakage in the pipe. To prevent this issue, homeowners can install a pressure regulating device to customize the pressure and safeguard their homes.

Thermal expansion

When the water heats, it expands itself. The thermal expansion creates excessive pressure that sometimes causes a hole in the pipes. The pipes installed under the slab get heated over time and eventually wear down. This ultimately causes a leak in the fixture, water heater, and slab. Thermal expansion defines how pipes expand and constrict themselves every time the hot water is heated. The thermal expansion creates friction against the pipe, which causes wear and tear-like situations.

Age of the plumbing system

Is your home’s plumbing system getting old? Is the lifespan of the plumbing pipes installed at your space over? All pipes have a certain life span. It is essential to replace the pipes once they have reached the end of their lifespan, especially if they leak frequently.

Quality of water

The pipe’s condition also depends upon water quality. If the water coming to your space has a high PH level, it can corrode the pipe. When the water quality is poor, it contains minerals and other contaminants. The copper water lines have a small diameter, so the chances of corrosion are high.

How to fix a slab leak?

Fixing a slab leak on time prevents a lot of problems from occurring. A constant leakage can cause mold growth, which, in turn, damages walls and floorings besides posing risks of health issues. If you find any signs of slab leakage and are wondering how to prevent slab leaks, call All Star Plumbing & Restoration.

Is Repiping the solution for slab repair?

The experts can repair the slab leaks after digging through the foundation and accessing the area of the leaking pipe. This is a good and cost-effective way if there is only a pinhole leak, and its locations can be quickly found with slab leak detection equipment.

If the slab pipes are in bad condition, you could choose various repair options like trenchless pipe lining or pipe bursting. But if the slab pipes are aging and in poor condition, pipelining can only fix the issue for a while. Any expert repairers suggest repiping because of its efficiency and effectiveness. Repiping is the process of disconnecting the old pipes and replacing them with new pipes.

Repiping is the ultimate way to repair broken slab leaks because it can completely control the leakage issues in the future. Repiping also minimizes the risk of damaging the foundation.

Over time, the pipes can become degraded and rusty and require replacement. Rerouting the pipe and replacing them is also part of the repiping procedure. This can only be done by plumbers or slab leak repair experts. You can also ask for repiping during the renovation of the home. Repiping in the initial stage can prevent future water damage and save costs.

But do you know which pipe you should use to fix the water leak in the concrete slab floor? Use pipes with a longer life span. You can take help from the experts. Most plumbing companies suggest using the below pipes:

Copper piping

Copper pipes are the most costly options you can consider while repiping. Copper contains a higher resale value with a long-lasting life span. If you have a low budget, you can choose the alternative options.

PVC pipe

The plumbing pipes made with PVC materials are affordable and easy to install. Before installing these, ensure the temperature limitations.

PEX pipe

PEX pipes are made with polyethylene that any homeowner can choose for small projects. These pipes have temperature limitations like PVC pipes.

When is it right to choose repiping?

Here we are sharing the 5 signs defining the ideal time to repipe your house.

Signs You Need To Repipe Your House

Low water pressure

If the water flowing from the faucets is low, there is some issue in your plumbing system. Over time, the galvanized pipes can corrode and build up rust inside the pipes. The rust can obstruct water flow and also change the water quality.

Quality of water

Discoloration of water and rusty water also signifies the plumbing system has some problems. It would be best if you met with the repiping experts. The visible signs indicating your pipe needs a replacement are dimpling, flaking, stains, discoloration, and stain.

Water leaks

Water leakage is the most significant reason for repiping. Repiping is also needed if you have gone through high utility bills without using water resources. At the same time, if your pipes are getting older and have reached their life span, it would be better to replace them.

Increasing utility cost

In addition, if you have noticed a sudden hike in your water bill, there is leakage inside the home, which you need to discover. If this leakage continues for a long time, it brings a flood-like situation; therefore, repiping is necessary.

So, are you ready for repiping? In the next section, we have described how slab leak repairing could be done properly by All-Star Plumbing & Restoration.

Why All-Star Plumbing & Restoration?

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Do you have a slab leak issue in your space? This blog briefly described the slab leak and how it can be recovered through repiping. So, before the slab leak issues damage the structure and integrity of your property, visit the professional repairing center and ask for help today.